Seafall City 14

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The koma style has been very nice for these sorts of interactions and allows uberlentil to not have to worry about how to place panels :P

I'm a lil torn on how things should eventually develop but preventing the artist from obsessing over the lil things is a positive. Seeing if the koma style can handle awesome action sequences will be interesting. Not that any of those are coming up at all in the near future...


Wait, she didn't sign up for this!

I have a hard time taking the 4koma layout seriously and keep expecting a punchline in the 4th panel ):

...So apparently this layout is called "koma"? Hmm... I quite like it.

The expressions are so good here! And I still can't get over how awesome the shading is in this comic. I wonder what will happen next...
Also, I think 4-koma style works great for this! It's simple, clear, and fits the pacing of this comic perfectly.

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This is a Japanese style called 4koma for the 4 panels going down in vertical order. A classic example is Azumanga Daioh, which was done in this style.

It does have a tendency to be used in gag comics with punchlines of some sort at the end of each panel, but it is not a requirement. The other thing we have been talking about is N-koma, where we use the same canvas size but don't necessarily always have 4 panels.