Seafall City 12

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Eyes visible through hair are somehow a lot less creepy in B&W D8

But that scenery in colour more than makes up for them.

Don't worry. I've already thought of some ways to have them still visible but less intense. Will try next time.

Color in the whites! It works wonders.

Th-this colored page is AMAZING! Your coloring style is so wonderful, (Melody's hair alone blows my mind! Such detail! And the backgrounds are gorgeous!) and it has such richness and texture to it. I really love the colors chosen too. You keep a great balance between the warm and cool colors. Awesome, awesome stuff!

I love the colouring, but her eyes don't actually seem to fit on her head... ^^;

OwO pretty colouring there!
If only my school library was in a lighthouse...

ProjectTyrasa (Guest):
Am I the only one who she was blond