Seafall City 11

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hmmm... it seems she is looking for some place "non-flat". hehe. maybe some mountain.

That is one large piece of cake.

I know people who eat cake that way.

I love this comic! Winter Melody is amazing!! The characters and the story and the art is fantastic, and I'm in awe of your incredible penciling skills. I love the pacing and your style of storytelling and Melody entertains me to no end. I’m looking forward to more!

Marcus (Guest):
NOW I see the old guy.....

ah-ha! (Guest):
Yea, getting sneaky there. I wonder if the old lady with the ducks is going to turn out to be really important later...

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
I hope the cake's not a lie... and now I've got "Take on Me" stuck in my head XD thanks ah-ha!!! lmao