Seafall City 2

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People in Tea and Melody's region of the world have a personal name, and a second name which represents their family affiliation with a particular goddess.

To explain it, I'll use Tea's family as an example. Her mother's goddess name is Rain, and her father's is Wind. If a couple's first child is male, it's taken as a sign that the father's goddess claims their children, so all their children take that name regardless of sex. In Tea's case, since she was born first, both she and Lime have Rain as their goddess names.

Also in this page, I didn't want to think up so many names at once so I turned off the magic translator. It's just scribbles and not a real writing system... yet.


wow, i find the naming thing very interesting! its original :]

I agree. That's an interesting naming scheme.

I also like the naming system!

I also like that huge thing the boat-guy uses to point the way x3

8D Giant arrow!

Mrkirby2 (Guest):
thats like a giant spear thing lol

With all that exotic text and different scripts on that sign-in page, I half expect to see a little fish written by Queequeq.