Silver's Epic Delivery 2

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Aww, that poor duck.

that letter girl... shes an odd one, alright

That entirely depends on your definition of normal ^^

Poor duck... I guess that old lady heals ducks like Tea ties up would-be criminals. :D

Bekah (Guest):
Correction, Number! That old woman heals ducks like Tea wishes she could tie up would-b criminals.

The ducks are so cute! :3

She looks like Dawn from the new(ish) Pokemon series, or what Dawn WOULD look like if she had cooler hair. She also sounds like Dawn (or Ash- they're pretty much interchangable, anyway).

I feel sorry for the duck.

Dwaaa, I would send that old lady letters! The duck looks so cute all bandaged up. XD Like a potato with a head.

Elmithian (Guest):
I have the feeling that for dinner tonight it will be a roasted duck...

Angel (Guest):
Wait post maidens don't need to eat food?

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
as soon as I saw the duck, I was thinking it was the lady from the very beginning XD actually thought the letter was for her....oops ^^; and being a non-human maiden (?) explains all the talk about goddesses :3 awesome awesome awesome, still think this comic is freakin' awesome XD

dia (Guest):
ok im so lost can someone tell me why maidens dont need to eat?