Silver's Epic Delivery 1

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Woo. We completed a whole chapter and started another. This has been incredibly rewarding and fun. I can especially say that as I've not been slaving at the drawing portion. Working with uberlentil has also been endlessly rewarding. While we butt heads every now and then we manage to put both our good ideas together and make something unique.

See you when we make it to chapter 50 ^^

We'll see Melody and Tea again very soon, but have a parallel scene here too.


Black Crowe II:
I've seen tripping over pebbles, turtles, and generally any slow moving animal or inconveniently placed item...but never in my life have I seen someone trip over a duck! A DUCK!!!

Cute song. Does that duck have fangs?

oh, poor duck ^^'
that duck must not have good reflexes, because most birds would have moved already haha

I can't wait to see more! <3

this comic is super fun and I adore your way of shading and compositions!

I'd tell her to duck, but she's already on the ground.

Broken hearts will make you- trip! Haha, I'm SO excited to read this. :)

'Bad duck!' lol

Elmithian (Guest):
Poor, poor duck