A Starting Melody 39

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Glad you like the design Jazeki :)

I'm finding myself slowly working on becoming a jack of all fields working through design of things for the comic.

Ship design became another sort of 'zeppelin addition.' By that I mean it's a subtle method of showing things are different in this world. I enjoy this beyond the cutsie factor and my obsession with world-building. Done in moderation it can add an extra level of realism because things like boat design are not preordained, designs and cultures can be very different. At the same time you have to make these differences sensible. Usually there is a reason why certain things are the way they are in our world....they work.

I have a degree in science which makes things much harder. I don't want a ship design that would collapse under itw own weight or be incapable of properly maneuvering in the real world. I have nothing against messing with the laws of physics...there is a sort of magic in Winter Melody, but I always want those violations to be for an important purpose.

This led to me doing extensive google research on ship designs and sail design. Some might recognize the ship as being similar to a catamaran. I ended up learning double hulled ships were used in the South Pacific for hundreds and hundreds of years, so I felt it was concievable they could be adapted as the primary hull design for the WM world.

With sail design I not only wanted to make sure the sails weren't silly and impractical but wanted to decide on the level of technology the sails had. Specifically, if ships could regularly sail against the wind. The sail on Tea's ship not quite the lateen sail style that was first noted for sailing against the wind but should be able to do the trick.

If anyone with more physics or nautical training than me can enlighten me further please do.


I really like the design of the boat.

Congrats on the comic spotlight!!

And now I can feel special because I nominated you haha X3

Thanks for the love Falconer :)

This is really good. Nice artwork, the details from the background is nice. :P

wow, the amount of work you put into designing the boat is really impressive. it came out great!

also, I really really like the way that shoe in panel 1 is drawn x3

Elmithian (Guest):
I am already gettin' tired of commenting for every pannel... dear god ^^,

Nice work on the boat. I agree, when I draw I dislike doing something that defies physics way too much (unless it is part of the world). Otherwise my artwork usually goes down the drain.

Keep up the good work mate ^_^