A Starting Melody 34

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Well, after drawing #33 in color, we concluded that while it looked great, it took too long to maintain. So here we are in plain old pencil again -_-

Color will be reserved for end-of-chapter specials and other things.


I like the style really. In the end the primary goal of going digital was to decrease the time taken on a page. The color version that was made ended up seeming to take more XD

We are still investigating and may find ways to use computers to speed up the process but maintain the black and white, penciled and hatched styled. Part of the prognosis was it's hard to simulate pencil in the software tried thus far. I'll poke uberlentil into trying some other stuff on that.

I love your styles! I love how each character is definately different and it doesnt look like the same face shape with different hair and clothes and etc. etc.
I am looking forward to all the updates!

I love Melody's face! It's so cute and innocent! ^^