A Starting Melody 31

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In addition to taking about 9 hours longer than I planned, a lot of this one was hard to draw for some reason, the marks were extra grainy and messy so I had to do a lot of post-processing to clean it, and we had lengthy arguments over every line -_-


It can be rough when the two of us seem to be not clicking on things like dialog and sometimes can disagree over what sounds natural or reasonable.

That's even more possible because we're trying to work our way through this exposition section and I agonize over exposition a lot.

I'm going to ramble a bit to work out the thoughts

We ended up discussing the wording in the top panel quite a bit. Explaining what kind of school Tea attends, we are filling in another puzzle piece o f the world surrounding the characters. It’s a puzzle piece without any connections yet so the context isn’t immediately there. This early it can feel like we are half world building and half opening cans of worms. Today’s night crawler in question being the word “magic”

A conceit here, common in a lot of fantasy and science fiction, is the characters are not actually speaking English. Rather they have some language of their own and we are conveniently translating their dialog and sometimes their writing for you. This is a nice convenience as anything that seems off can be explained as a “best fit” situation. (*Happy Campers* are having *Sauce Times* with the webcomic. So much enjoyment.) This also lets us use simple terms like “goat” but draw whatever we want.

You could argue the same for “magic,” but it’s simpler just to say the word can bring up some connotations that wouldn’t apply to the world. I don’t wish anyone to think the presence of a “magical science” school means this is turning into Harry Potter.

Showing not telling is always a virtue. You could expand that to say character telling not author telling is another virtue. I don’t want things to become a case of It’s all in the manual. What magic is, its functions and limitations will be shown and sometimes told in the story itself. Some of that is already present. And some clues can come up here and there, such as a world where it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to go learn magical science and then take over a tea house. For now I’ll also leave the disclaimer there is no spell casting in Winter Melody.

It's interesting to see how you guys work together to make this comic. I'd also like to know more about tea thievery and the world of Winter Melody, etc. Plus what I don't know makes me want to read more anyway (especially since there's magic involved).

I agree with Jazeki, it's interesting to see how you 2 work together on this 0v0
I love all the elemnts of this comic, from the art to the dialogue to the world, etc etc.
Haha, I was a little taken aback by her saying "magic" but after considering the sort of... uhm, atmosphere? That drew me to the comic it sort of makes sense, in a way *v*;; -not good at explaining-
nevertheless, I never thought it would become anything like Harry Potter ahaha XDD
HP is a "magic" story, whilst this gives the feel of a more "fantasy/adventure" story, and no better word in that sentance could be used than magic >v</
I say, your 'translations' are very good haha :'DD

Thanks for the confidence in translation. ^^

The general procedure for the two of us has been interesting. For each comic I generally make a sketch of horrid stick figures to give a general sense of what's going on. This can be interesting for me; my artistic talent is pretty nonexistent so left to my own devices I'd work in pure prose.

Uberlentil takes the sketch concept I've made with the appropriate dialogue and usually radically alters things, usually having a better feel for paneling and looks. Could be as simple as changing what angle you see something from, but also frequently involves taking the events I'm portraying and re paneling in a way that makes more sense to him. He sends back a rough sketchy version, like the one posted during moving when we were behind schedule.

From there I suggest any changes needed. I usually like uberlentil's artistic choices so this generally is a matter of dialog. I'm not always used to the limited space a comic page provides, but I do recognize we don't want a comic with more bubbles than people. Having a canvas of set dimensions presents new challenges and I hope I'm getting better at it. Over time I wager we will become more in sync and will find the compromises on this element or that much faster.

Till then I seem to be writing very wordy comments to compensate for so little space in comic :P