A Starting Melody 24

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fall forever:
This is soooo good. XDD

Where is she? On the roof?

She's still in the warehouse where Tea had tied her up. The warehouse extends back a little further and overhangs on a loading area trap door. Crates of tea can be pulled up through the door into the warehouse. You can get a better sense of it at #11 where the loading area is shown from the outside and #15 where Melody tripped over the freight door.

Note to self: should add some comments on the comics when our bizarre architectural choices become plot relevant ^_^

lol, I knew where she was XD;;

Ahhhh keep it up, this is one of my favourite comics on SJ ;U;<3333

Techhead (Guest):
I see traitors are dealt with swiftly!
Take that, Sausage-thing.