A Starting Melody 8

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I love how its in the "wizard, dungeons, knights" kinda era where there is no technology! I LOVE MED EVIL TIME-ISH. haha

Lol. If only I had giant arrows to tell me where to go. I suck at finding my way through video games, much less real life xD.

super big mac:
Just get a HERP - Highly Evolved Relocation Portal! (Not to be confused with DERP - Defunct Ego Repurposing Participle.) Also: Poik!

EDIT: The big arrow on the postbox location map is actually the tea house. You can tell since the arrows ARE THE SAME!!!!!!

Edit: DERP and HERP are both trademarked products of Derpy Hooves Inc.
EPS: (Equestrian Postal Service) What can Wings do for you?
EPS: Delivering wagons full of hay since before the wheel was invented.
EPS: Delivering Anvils to a head near you.