Winter Melody 18

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That flower is going to regret the decision he made.

isaac (Guest):

Canubirt (Guest):
If flying is cheating, then I'm a cheater. If fast travel is worse than flying, then I am criminal #1. HATE HATE HATE walking in rpg's if I can help it:-}

Darius Drake (Guest):
@ Canubirt: It's not cheating you didn't use a cheat. By the time any type of flying ability is available in an RPG, you're already three quarters of the way through the game, so you aren't "flying all over the adventure" just to the end of it.

that is some bulging anger vein in her flowery forehead. i didn't even know flowers had blood

Mujaki (Guest):
@Canubirt: Heh, there's a quest in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that you would hate. You have to make a religious pilgrimage. Starting at the capitol city in the southwest, you have to reach a tiny hut on an island in the northeast. And you have to do so while under a vow of silence. Talk to ANY of the npcs in the game (like those who run the fast travel network) and you fail. Oh, and there's a giant volcano in the center of the continent you have to go around. Of course, my solution? I didn't walk, I jumped. Magic item, "Scroll of Icarian Flight," gives you an extra 1,000 points to your acrobatics skill... for seven seconds. I was airborne for a lot longer. Landing was, and I'll be honest here, not exactly dignified. Or pain free. But hey, that volcano already has one crater, what's a few more?

Canubirt (Guest):
@Mujaki: i did that quest.... but yeah that scroll made things all better for that game:-}

Flying over the adventure is cheating.

I love that girl.

Andrew_C (Guest):
@Mujaki & Canubirt: That's probably my favourite quest in Morrowind, as long as I don't pick up too long a train of Cliff Racers. Walking anywhere in Morrowoind can be a pain sometimes.

Ark (Guest):
Is it awful that I'm wondering how Moth looks in a dress now?

she's right. you aren't supposed to gain the power of flight in an adventure until you reach an area you can't get to by land or by sea.

super big mac:
Melody keeps reminding me of Monkey D. Luffy. "Hey, join our crew! WE ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!" And other such silliness.

I kinda like walking in RPGs that are sandbox like Skyrim. I mean, I got Archery to level 98 by the time I was level 30, all considered. High health, pretty good stamina, and able to one-shot a dragon with a 3x critical when using my Hellfire Handcannon (Epic) Daedric Bow, with both Fire and Shock damage. Of course, if I'dd put fire and ice damage on the bow, I'd have called it the Antipode Bomber, in light of Chrono Trigger.