Winter Melody 16

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Yes, I didn't color the last page because I didn't want to have to figure out all the goddess' colors at once.


CeeSea (Guest):
Tea doesn't want her eyecandy to come with boobs!

AUSGrizzly (Guest):
Colours for the Goddesses would be easy...
Summer - Red clothing, Blond Hair, Tanned Skin...
Spring - Green Clothing, Pink/Yellow/Blue (bright and multi colours for flowers and ) hair and Caucasian Skin...
Autumn - Brown Clothing, Orange Hair and Dark/Brown Skin...
Winter - You coloured her before right...

Author Jakes:
Oh! I get it. All maidens are female, which gave... moth... lol... bust.

I do have a question: whether they exist or not, what would you call the male counterpart of Maidens?

Kencyrath (Guest):
Have we run headlong into a Goddessly limitation? Demaidenize, can do; remasculinize, uh, no?

hehe vanished dangly bits

Marnath (Guest):
So Moth is technically a trans-man now. Is he fine with that, or has he just not noticed yet? I'd like to think I'd notice a change like that, but maybe he was a maiden for just long enough to acclimate to the clothes rubbing in a different spot.

Jasae Bushae (Guest):
Im dissapointed by a lack of Bee maiden T_T

Wait, she gives in so quickly and suddenly?

I would have thought Melody would have to expound her story to explain what happened when she got home and everyone she knew was dead, or something!

Now it seems like such a pointless turnaround; they have explained nothing!

What I don't understand is, why did Tree agree to melody's demands just because she had a sob story.

red dictionary (Guest):
Don't you two read? Everything was explained - and verified - in the previous pages. That's all that's been going on.

It has been so long that I forgot.
Tree was impressed pages ago when she found out her assumptions were false.

Tree's own lines of thought on this whole thing remain largely enigmatic though, as the reader is not exposed to them through her debating with others or even with herself in her mind.

Raven (Guest):
I assume that we'll be learning more about Tree as time goes on MrTTAO. It would be nice to know more now, but if they do it at a slower pace they can usually do a job that they(and us) are happier with and it isn't vital to the story right now.

Did I miss an explanation to why Melody wasn't Maidened?

Darius Drake (Guest):
@ Mr.Skeptical: No. No you did not. Personally, I suspect that it has something either directly related to her 80 years in ice, or why Winter calls Melody "My idiot". That does NOT include the possibility of Melody already being a Maiden.

Author Jakes:
@ Darius Drake: Melody maybe a Maiden with freewill?

wait, so they got the maiden curse removed, but moth is still a girl? I'm not complaining, I'm just confused.

Milo (Guest):
The goddesses work in mysterious ways.

@william21: Maybe she just removed the mind alterations rather then full demaidenification?

Darius Drake (Guest):
I suspect that the transformation into a female is a side effect of the supply of a Goddess's divine power to a human. However, I also suspect that Goddess's CANNOT tranform humans into males, as that is a part of the God's power.

Articus (Guest):
Opposite of Maidens? Gentlemen.

@Articus: This would be awesome, especially if they come with a monocle and top hat

@MrTTAO: But one is not simply a gentleman with just a monocle and a tophat. He requires a distinguished moustache and a snazzy cane

@pat15: Oh gods yes! And a british accent too!

isaac (Guest):
@Author Jakes: a monk?

Andrew_C (Guest):
@pat15 & @MrTTAO

Now I have an image of rival Chap-Hop artists Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer and Professor Elemental as servants of the gods. It's hilarious.