Winter Melody 15

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We return.


We dropped the page where we got stuck. The details of Melody's time under ice aren't different but the flashback was dragging.


Darius Drake (Guest):
Hey, I suspect that they could have gone on for 20 more without trouble. And you DID annoy them at what seems to be the beginning of the conversation.

Milo (Guest):

First panel thought: So there's an otter goddess? That sounds like a rather narrow purview. Is this one of those "there's a deity of basically everything" settings?

Second panel thought: Wait, their discussion is taking place on CONTINENTAL DRIFT TIMESCALES!? I hope continental drift happens faster here than in the real world...

Third panel thought: I... don't even know what this is about anymore. Can you just decree a category blessed on a whim? What does that even do?

Fourth panel thought: DIE, ICICLE!

Fifth panel thought: Okay, not quite geological time scales. At least humans were around eighty years ago.

Woo! Update!
Melody was frozen, mostly forgotten and listening to the Goddesses for 80 years? o.o;
Also, blessed watermelons!

Kencyrath (Guest):
Otter could be one of Autumn's maidens; though why would Spring be asking after her, if she were?

to kencyrath: Spring is associated with love making usually, so my guess is reproduction of more otters

Awww, you got rid of the awesome colored animated strip? You should keep that in the archives!!!!


There's a BUNNY in spring's hair!!

I'm kind of confused by the background (not the foreground) tree on the left by the pillar. Unlike all the other trees surrounding the four goddesses(?) of seasons, it seems to not grow that much at all. Compared to the tree of the same size on the right, it appears to grow only about double it's original size over the course of the three panels. On the other hand, the all the other trees seem to grow roughly 4 times their size. Is this because that tree is behind the winter goddess? This would be driving me nuts if I was in Melody's position.
Also, this makes Melody at least 81 years old.

Raven (Guest):
Main confusing part for me is changing from plural to singular for otter. I think that's one of the bees in Spring's hair.

DogDays (Guest):
@ Mindscape_Jem: Maybe different type of trees grow at different rates?
@ Raven: Spelling and grammar isn't on the same level as the amazing art in this comic - it could just be a mistake.

Milo (Guest):
Note Spring asks "Speaking of Otter, how's she been?", not "how've they been?". So I think it's a person named Otter, presumably a goddess who presides over otters. Not a mistake.

Milo (Guest):
By the way, the fancy color animation is still up, technically:
uggc:// jvagre-zrybql-15/
(Sorry about rot13. I'm trying to get past overzealous spamfilters. It should be easy enough to decode.)

So is the other strip that got removed, but it didn't contain anything particularly interesting other than Summer stretching and yawning and Winter telling Blargi (a maiden) to take Melody home.

angel (Guest):
Tree looks like she has that "knowing" smirk of one whos experienced such long talks before. ^_^

Haiiro-haru (Guest):
Woo-hoo! Winter Melody is back! She was trapped there for 80 years? DANG! I thought the goddesses would have sent her away, but to forget about her for that long? Can't wait to see what happens next!

Canubirt (Guest):
I'm surprised she's as sane as she is having to watch and hear that drip sound for 80 years, i could barely stand the water torture for 15 hours which is comparatively long for moist people.

Milo (Guest):
"stand the water torture for 15 hours which is comparatively long for moist people"

Really though, you'd think being trapped in ice would block sound from the outside world.

Then again, you'd think being trapped in ice would kill you from suffocation, starvation, and hypothermia, not to mention old age.

So... call it magic. A goddess did it.

Canubirt (Guest):
Even if you cant hear the sound or feel it, just the constant drip process of following a drop of water repeatedly for 80 years has got to do something to someone

cwDeici (Guest):
Actually, you'd be fine from old age, though the cells would be wrecked by the holes in them when the ice crystals melt.