Winter Melody 14

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Barriers between flashbacks and those observing them? What're those?

This page just adds more confusing questions and new wild theories. >.>

... Did Melody actually pull them into an interactive flashback? That's quite the power.

OMG! I see it now! The identical tuft of hair on melody and summer! makes sense XD

Kencyrath (Guest):
Non-linear temporal confusion for the story-telling win!

Milo (Guest):
Note the order of the following lines:
Autumn: Perhaps it's a bit slow.
Summer: Looks like it's descended from some of mine.
Offscreen: That would explain it.
One of the goddesses (probably Autumn) doesn't think highly of Summer!

New goddess Life sounds pro-human, despite humans not always being good for the lives of everything else around them...

Tab (Guest):
I suppose Life would be impressed by any species that can adapt and survive as well as humans. Her feelings on the effects humans have on the environment probably depends on whether she cares more about ecological balance or the concept of survival. In the former, humans are trouble, but in the latter, humans are winners.

canubirt (Guest):
Yep half my theory has been squashed, the other half is still in play

Kencyrath (Guest):
I've been trying to guess the Goddess's hair colors. Winter's is white of course, Spring's is probably green and Summer's probably sun-bleached blonde, but auburn or brown for Autumn doesn't fit the pale greyscale rendition.

Andrew_C (Guest):
Kencyrath, don't forget that Melody is a redhead and her hair is light in the uncoloured comics, so Autumn could quite easily be a redhead, probably auburn, as well. That's what I assume she is.

Also, I like to think it's Spring being snarky in the 1st bubble in the 2nd last panel, although it's probably Autumn.

Just had a thought. Do these Conclaves take place on a different timescale from normal time, sort of like Sleepy Hollow or a fairy ring? Maybe Melody wasn't maidened, but the Conclave took so long that by the time she was defrosted several centuries had gone past and the Goddesses decided to raise her.

Nachturia (Guest):
This is confusing.
I love it!

angel (Guest):
Ever notice goddess hair is incredibly long.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
So, descended. Got to wonder if the goddesses have offspring, or perhaps the maidens have offspring?

Also, why is no one talking about Winter having crazy snow flake hair? That's CRAZY.

hummus (Guest):
That DRIP in the last panel is a bit ominous.

jolt99 (Guest):
I feel like the cast is in a magic cinema
now watching: Goddesses in 4D =p

Milo (Guest):
The hair doesn't actually look much like a snowflake. It's not even close to hexagonally symmetrical. If you look closely, there's even a seventh arm immediately above the THUD.

They look more like leaves, but why would Winter of all seasons have those...?

Jack F. (Guest):
Frost crystals growing on the window.
I mean to say Winter's "hair" is more like frost tracings on a window than snowflakes. Snowflakes would be her version of dandruff. (SMACK *falls over frozen*)

Ralmar (Guest):
I have to say, I agree with Hummus. That drip, especially coming from WINTER, is quite ominous. And only happens after she pops Melody one. Hmn. One of my theories seems increasingly likely to be correct...

Tab (Guest):
A lot of goddess-on-human abuse in the comic lately. The humans have been provoking it, but the goddesses' responses are kind of excessive.

Milo (Guest):
And I swat insects dead for mildly annoying me. That can be said to be excessive too...

egg roll eggy (Guest):
Love those mosquitoes and flies, eh, Milo? I smack 'em down.

Milo (Guest):
So you know... the reason we're being told this story is because "I don't want their lives to be interrupted... like mine was.". It occurred to me: maybe that's the reason for Melody's habit of inserting her new friends into her flashbacks? She's making up for lost time by spicing up her past, reflecting the way she would have preferred for it to have gone.

As reasonable as the exchange might be at this point, I still laughed out loud at the exchange between Winter and Tree.
It was hilarious, thank you.

repter (Guest):
anyone else notice that they're talking about life ( maybe another god or godess) creating humans and Yeti's or am i the only one who noticed

Golux (Guest):
And despite the ice block she's encased in, the heat from Melody is melting Winter's Fern Frost hair.

aqua (Guest):
so either flashbacks about goddesses are timetravel, goddesses timetravel when people flashback in front of them or people with strong imaginations and touched by the goddesses timetravel when they do flashbacks.