Winter Melody 13

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You touch her hat. SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!

@HollowLovePainter2 No, that's Winter and all these are goddesses. Female.

Anyway.. so why is it that the Seasons are letting Melody run around in the conclave circle being her usual nutty self without shooing her away or otherwise acknowledgeing her other than by looking at her run by.

Although that does look like a bit of vein-popping annoyance on Winter's head in the last panel

Raven (Guest):
@HollowLovePainter2: It's a girl, the nose and the eyes are big clues.

Khend (Guest):
Well, of the deity selection, I'd have to say that Summer is my favorite so far, if only because she amuses me. xD

The fact that Melody's flashbacks are apparently fully interactive also amuses me. It's like having a group of actors running on a script, and then tossing a crowd of random people with no clue there's filming going on at them.

Milo (Guest):
So, showing up uninvited, overhearing sensitive secrets not meant for mortal ears, dancing all around the circle and over goddesses' bodies... that's not a problem. Knocking off Winter's hat? NOW YOU'RE GOING DOWN.

The more interesting thing is that Tree is described as being liked by humans because she prefers rewarding to punishing. Just how long ago WAS this flashback? Was Snailens still around? How could Tea and Moth have existed back then, even as younger versions of themselves? Is the last question looking too much into Melody's deranged imagination?

I don't think we've heard of Field before. Wonder if things worked out better for her than they did for Tree.

Milo (Guest):
@Raven: Winter is definitely female, but I think "girl" might not be the right word to use.

CeeSea (Guest):
Winter's not a girl, she's a CLASSY LADY.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Bee Rain!

So now we know there's a goddess for Fields too.

ZeidbenAmfi (Guest):
Winter did call Melody her idiot when the postal maiden arrived.

Tantor (Guest):
That poor crushed flower on top of Spring's head. Also @Milo I think Autumn is saying Summer ranks even lower then Tree who basically committed genocide by maidening all the Snailians.

LemonGrass (Guest):
They're watching Melody like I watch my cat zip around the place. Quiet amusement until she bites my ankle or knocks a glass of water over.

Khend (Guest): am I only just noticing that Melody and Summer have pretty much the same hair style? Well, excepting the length and braids, anyway.

Milo (Guest):
Well, Melody's last name is Summer. Maybe it's to honor the goddess?

Now that I'm looking for it, it also looks like Tea and Lime have a similar part of the hair in front. Now I want to see Rain.

A random thought is that if goddesses can call down a rain of bees, and can also turn bees into maidens, then can they use that to easily build up an army? Then again, turning animals into maidens may not actually be something goddesses can do outside of an imaginary sequence where everyone is a superhero. What would you call a deity with superpowers that deities don't normally have? A superdeity?

Also speaking of rains of bees, do bees in this world sting? Because if not, that makes a swarm of them rather less scary. I mean, I guess it'd hurt if they landed on your head, and they could damage crops, but still, a stampede of rabbit-sized herbivores isn't exactly something that makes most people go "THE HORROR! THE HORROR!". *looks back through the comic* Okay, they do have something that looks like a stinger. I wonder how they use it, though. Do they have to run backwards?

snow-cone (Guest):
It's just typical manga hair.

Steel (Guest):
I think I can see why the other season are a bit more accepting of a random human doing things then Winter. Spring, Summer, and Fall tend to be a bit more nice to humans when they are personified in myths and legend while Grand Father/ Mother Winter..... well... she is uncaring at best and actively trying to kill you and everybody within 50 miles of you at worst.

Milo (Guest):
Well, it seems more that Spring and Autumn are nice while Summer and Winter are not so much. Makes sense, with Spring and Autumn being the more moderate seasons (and often the pretty colorful ones - Spring has flowers and Autumn has leaves), while Summer is scorching hot and Winter is freezing cold.

Still, Winter in the present day seems at least slightly nicer.

canubirt (Guest):
Has anyone actually thought that melody's last name changes with the season? what i mean is in summer she's melody summer, in fall its melody fall... what i'm trying to say is she may be a maiden of all four seasons which allows her more free will than a single maiden

Wow, are we still in a bit of April-mode here? Because those Goddesses are HUUUUUGE! Even bigger than Tree!

Also, Melody can really jump far!

Wow, that's actually quite an impressive theory! (And I just realized, she has almost the same hair as Summer.)
Though technically, we have never heard her called Melody WINTER, that's just the title of the comic, and we've never seen any form of spring or autumn.