Winter Melody 12

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Shoujo Q (Guest):
Seasonal deities confirmed!

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Bee maiden!

There is no end to the maiden animal parade ;)

Jasae Bushae (Guest):
Judging by Trees warning, would them going have actually resulted in them being seasoned despite it being a flashback?
gosh, now i cant wait for this flashback to end only so i can find out if bee maiden exists outside of the imagination XD

Kencyrath (Guest):
Just a minor quibble: I would have thought Autumn/Fall to be more middle-age in appearance.

Milo (Guest):
So I think the sexy scantily-clad one is Summer (thinly clothed because it's warm, and she has a suntan), while the one with the "antlers" is Autumn (probably tree branches that have lost their leaves, which would be a shame because the colorful leaves are the best part of autumn...). That fits with the age progression: Spring = cute and childlike, Summer = nubile young maiden (err, not that kind of maiden), Autumn = more mature adult, Winter = elderly. Autumn doesn't look quite middle-aged, as Kencyrath points out, but she still seems at least a little older than Summer, and definitely younger than Winter.

Tree has a bee maiden too now.

Also, Summer says she was visiting "Sea", not "the sea". Another goddess? Separate from Water, too?

And apparantly, Spring is a cuteness pinata. Thump her and a bunch of adorable animals are released.

Fall is supposed to be middleageish. It didn't come through so well in the inking. And they are antlers. You can kind of see in panel 3.

angel (Guest):
Tree has really long hair.

Andrew_C (Guest):
Hmm, so is Tree going to have a snow weasel maiden and a bee-cow maiden when they exit the flashback? And her warning suggests that the other goddesses may be as casual about maidening people as her.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
See I really do think there is a tiered system to the pantheon going on.

Seasons have subset deities, and perhaps there's singleton deities at a lower level that don't have a direct "supervisor". Perhaps Tree under Autumn and Water under Summer, etc.

Or it just could be that meta-groupings of deities occur. (seasonal deities colluding, etc)

Matcha (Guest):
Fall looks older than summer without resorting to wrinkles. She appears older and wiser.
I didn't notice the poor sunflower sprout the first time I read through!

Milo (Guest):
Speaking of "older and wiser", the "Spring and I weren't sure how to cover for you" in panel 2 suggests Spring is actually more mature than Summer...

Summer's expression in the first panel does strike me as playful.

Azlan (Guest):
They are well seasoned.

The G-Man (Guest):
Andrew - I think Tree is waning them that what ever happens in the 'Flashback' will be real. The Seasons will do to them whatever they did to Melody and it will actuality happen, not just be a Flashback thing.

Yes, i do think that means that there will be a Snow-Weasel Maiden and Bee-Cow Maiden when the flashback ends;)

Milo (Guest):
If flashbacks can alter history, though, then why can't that be used to prevent the bad stuff that was going to happen? The fact that Melody suddenly developed a superpower to avoid being restrained from what she "really" did suggests that the history can't really be changed and any appearance to the otherwise in the flashback is just cosmetic.

But I'm really antsy to see whether Tree has the weasel and bee maidens for real. That should help figure out what's going on.

Canubirt (Guest):
This has not dissuaded my argument that she was not turned into a maiden, but made a keeper of a seal which may or may not be a maiden created by all four seasons

CeeSea (Guest):
Tree seems to have a maiden'ing addiction.

This is a serious problem and she needs to get help. Maiden'ing Anonymous or something.

Yay full complement of seasons!
Can't wait to see what else is revealed in this flashback...

@CeeSea Yes. This is a very serious addiction.

angel (Guest):
Not to be one who points things out but... Wheres winter?

angel (Guest):

Jachra (Guest):
It's more likely that the Goddesses have the power to change the present. That it happens in the flashback could imply some mental/spiritual connection. Violating the sacred meeting grounds in your dreams may have the same meaning as doing it in real life.

Also, look at that above shot - goddesses love their lovely long hair it seems! :D

pooh bear (Guest):
But Fall blends into the rock so well, it looks like a big octopus or something.

Milo (Guest):
Well, the reason humans (even females) don't usually have excessively long hair is that it's hard to maintain. Even if you don't cut it, the natural wear and tear of, you know, being alive, will eventually damage it and limit how long it can grow in practice, not to mention the risk of snagging on things.

When you're supernaturally invincible, though, why not go for broke?

Drachnon (Guest):
Last panel we have a kitten. I'm expecting it to be a maiden before the end of the flashback.

Eldoran (Guest):
Interesting, how big the goddesses seem to be. I mean spring is a cute "little" girl, but her head is almost as big as the young Melody. And the "duck"-transformation shouldn't be the reason, as it was at least as big as Melody.

Bee maiden. Made me laugh out loud.

By the way, I think Tree needs to admit she has a problem.

Suddenly, Summer IS my favorite season!

Snowstreak (Guest):
Hello my name is Tree, and I am a Maidenholic

Solarn (Guest):
I'm starting to think Tree just has a compulsion to make maidens out of everything.

Milo (Guest):
Given this is Melody's flashback, it's hard to tell how much of what's going on is Tree's input and how much is Melody's perception of Tree. For example, while Tea and Moth being able to transform seems to have been Tea's idea, I don't think Moth intended for his transformed form to be quite what it turned out as.

Also the fact that none of this is real anyway is an incentive to just relax and have fun with things rather than worrying too hard about whether turning weasels into maidens against their will is morally acceptable.

CeeSea (Guest):
Morality isn't the thing, the thing is Tree has some kind of maiden fetish/addiction/compulsion and we all want to point and laugh at her.