Winter Melody 11

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Jasae Bushae (Guest):
Well now we will be getting some information that will leave things painfully vague and errupt into a rush of speculation ^^;

Kencyrath (Guest):
Rash speculation #1! That seems to be Spring next to Winter, so this conclave is either about a seasonal goddess or of the seasonal goddesses.

Gods? Male gods? Say it isn't so!

Milo (Guest):
So... Melody turns into a duck-dragon with braided tails, Tea turns into a magical girl with a skirt made of tea leaves, and Moth turns into... some sort of tiny armored insect-thing? Possibly what passes for a moth in this world.

In other news: cute girl with flowers! I like her already. I agree that an identity as Spring seems likely.

Also, is this an indication that the setting has gods as a separate class from goddesses? It doesn't seem that it's just using "gods" as a gender-neutral term referring to the goddesses we know exist, because at least one of the participants in the conversation is one and so it would be odd to refer to them in the third person.

he looks like a Pokemon bug and steel type maybe

Greycat (Guest):
Heh. Moth turned into a moth larvae. And definitely steel bug type. He turns into a mecha moth when he evolves.

Matcha (Guest):
Melody better not go back too far or she'll be a fuzzy baby duck that can't fly.
Could that be sunflower sprout's REAL name or is it the "concalve" area...hmmmmmm.

Jasae Bushae (Guest):
i confess when i saw that transformation my first thought was kamen rider XD (insect themed superhero)

Magical Girl Tea!
Floranne nommed by a bee!
Winter & Spring(?)

This page is full of amusing & awesome.

A weak seal on someone/something called Drandorf.. Who is Drandorf? Is Melody the seal?

canubirt (Guest):
drandorf sounds like a place based on the dialogue, and melody seems a likely candidate to have a seal placed upon her to keep the "goddess" sealed, would also explain her powers as beings sealed in other beings tend to release power through that being in order to corrupt or turn that being to their will

Golux (Guest):
Yay! More horned, braided dragon duck!

Spying on Winter below from a perch atop crazy, high columns. Accompanied by Magical Girl and Steel Bee as little plant looks on with glee.

WAK! Indeed!

Eldoran (Guest):
Its still mostly speculation, but this should be a meeting between the seasonal goddesses, there is winter and probably spring and a elbow of someone on the right, summer or autumn?

I'm still quite puzzled how this flashback works. I wouldn't expect that Melody kept track of the run in between the bee and sprout-ified Floranne.

DuckSoup (Guest):
I prefer to see the "elbow" next to Spring as the tip of a BIG duck bill.

That third panel made me laugh out loud, very much.

It took me a moment to realize who was screaming and why, but oh how that is funny.

I think Moth WOULD be a moth, but since they are all flashbacked as children, He's a caterpillar. This is why the sprout is laughing at him.

And it looks to me like he's supposed to be a robo-mech-moth, or some sort of Guyver/Ultraman -like japanese hero.

Eldoran (Guest):
I'm not sure if that has been discussed before - the bee/cows:
I mean, they are more or less insects, but why are they "bees" if they EAT plants (they are definitely something completely different to the bees on earth, why no new name)?

I think it's better to use existing words when available.