Winter Melody 10

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We have plot, we have a nod to a special date, who says you can't have it all?


Milo (Guest):

Golux (Guest):
Yep, The Horned, Braided Duck is back.

Greycat (Guest):
The weasel maiden looks content (and cute).

Tab (Guest):
Should that be "conclave"?

I feel dumb for not expecting the return of the duck dragon at the beginning of April.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Hello, bee!

dat translation

J (Guest):
Was kindof expecting to see the return of the braided dragon duck today. Happy to see it too.

Kencyrath (Guest):
Okay, I abandon my bee-rabbit theory due to the mini-bee-cow buzzing its wings. And unless it's chibified, I also give up my assumption that bee-cow larvae just grow, developing legs, wings, stinger and fur as they mature. Put me with the pupate-and-molt party.

diamond (Guest):
AWWW I want a chibi bee cow as a pet now

Milo (Guest):
I want a weasel maiden as a pet.

Iced Tea (Guest):
I'm getting this image of a con-calve being a calf that's a bit of a shyster, doing old ladies out of their retirement fund.
Long Live the Duck Dragon! Quaaaack!!

Raven (Guest):
Next year the translation of quack to the word quack will itself be translated to quack

CeeSea (Guest):
Duck!Melody is apparently a Foolsmas tradition or something now.

I pity the people who can't enjoy a page like this.

Eldoran (Guest):
Its quite hilarious, but I'm a bit confused. How does the flashback work. I mean a flashback should be more or less merely a retelling of an event in the past, possibly with false parts, if the teller doesn't stick to the truth/facts. Even last weeks half of the story seems to concern what the remainder of the gang supposedly did.
Which would turn this one completely into a story telling/role playing session (which is ok, as it doesn't need to be canon or Melody might have just gotten off the track again and the others just played along).