Winter Melody 9

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Oh my god it's a weasel maiden.

CeeSea (Guest):
Apparently Tree's first and only line of defense is to turn the troublemaker into a maiden.

Hard to argue against it's effectiveness, at least.

Xivilai (Guest):
Maybe she just wanted a weasel of her very own?

Jasae Bushae (Guest):
Huh, well if they come out of this flashback and she still has a weasel maiden, we will know how effective these flashbacks are XD

and yay~ beecow~

Kencyrath (Guest):
No, look at the ears; and unless perspective is off, size. That's a bee-rabbit. (Babbit?)

Milo (Guest):
The thing in the last panel is either a rabbit-bee or a bunny wearing a sweater. The weasel maiden is on Tree's shoulder in the second-last panel. (I caught the former on my own, but not the latter - thanks!)

The bee'll want to be careful - weasels eat rabbits.

Given that this is Melody's imagination we're talking about, it's hard to say if this means weasel maidens are actually possible in the "real world".

The interesting thing here is that the flashback immigrants aren't just her, they're actually doing stuff relevant to the proceeding events.

Tab (Guest):
I thought those things on the bee-cow's back were its wings.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):

Also, maiden-ferret?

Best non-plot update ever. (yeah it's leading into plot but really doesn't reveal anything.

Matcha (Guest):
Yummy roasted weasel - Scary sunflower sprout!
Bee Bunny is a possibility, but I think it's just a young bee. If you look back to #172, the big bee has the same kind of wings.
Excellent page!

Milo (Guest):
It establishes the seasons are weird here, suggesting we're getting close to Winter's abode, and suggesting what kind of influence she has on the environment. (Yes, we, not they. I can be in Melody's flashbacks too if I want.)

It's not much plot, but it's plot.

canubirt (Guest):
Ah i was tryin to figure out why that weasel biting the hand looked familiar... it was Milo

swiftausterity (Guest):
It's a fair assumption to say it's always winter in Winter's domain.

The cosmology does seem to throw things a bit off meterologically if there's deities of seasons (winter) as well as elements (water) and living things (plants)

Milo (Guest):

The cosmology isn't very fussy about who it accepts.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
What about cross-domain though? Winter is technically about precipitation which is concerned with water.

So there's Winter and Water who both have to do with aspects of each other.

Maybe it's like Discworld? Things exist because people believe in them to an extent.

Kencyrath (Guest):
@ Matcha
Young bee-cows are larva. This one could be a dwarf adult bee-cow, though.

Milo (Guest):
Winter isn't about precipitation. Snow is something that often happens during winter, but it's not necessary.

Matcha (Guest):
So you think the larvae grows to the giant size of the adult bee then the adult pops out full size? I was thinking the little ones would emerge, then grow to full size. But who knows.
You're right! It IS Milo!!!

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
@Milo: true, but there's snow *everywhere* in her domain. Melody/Her Protectors made the maiden pod explode with snow so they can obviously generate frozen precipitation.

Some Guy (Guest):
They must be playing Minecraft again! They've just left the Taiga biome and entered into the plains biome.

Tab (Guest):
All the animals in world are super-chompy. They're like enemies in an old video game.

We must be near the bee-milking farm.

Also, that weasel-maiden looks like Sandy Cheeks.