Winter Melody 7

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Sorry for that delay. It's the flashback you've all been waiting for - Melody's past!
Also I hear it's some kind of Australia day. So here's a Melody bluebottle... or orangebottle.


AgentKeen (Guest):
Melody exposition?
I think I'm in the wrong comic....

Milo (Guest):
"Things could have been worse" does not a happy ending make.

Young Melody is adorable.

canubirt (Guest):
Where can i go to fish for those!!!!!

isaac (Guest):
Back story time?

Snowstreak (Guest):
Reading these recent comics I keep getting reminded of Yugi and YamiYugi. Yugioh is normally carefree and loves to have fun but then when the ancient pharaoh takes over and he becomes YamiYugi he becomes all serious and expositional, especially in Yugioh season 0

AdamZero (Guest):
Melody is an ex-maiden, maybe?

Kay-nyan (Guest):
Oh wow. Melody is an ex-maiden? That explains ev... That explains most... of... uh.... *ahem* That certainly explains a not-insignificant portion of the weirdness surrounding her.

Matcha (Guest):
It's not like we haven't heard bits about Melody's background before. This is just adding to that.
I like the really weird sea picture, too. Good thing those two sausage fish swam by Mer-Tea at just the right second!

Curses! I should've made her a manatea!

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Dugongs are the best!

Also, it looks like we'll be getting answers soon :D

nice to see this story get back on track, and hearing about melody's past is another plus to this. but i have to ask, are you still doing that story with the bald moose? i kinda got hooked onto it and when i tried to backtrack to see if i missed a page of that story, i couldn't even find the first page of it. it's like it got erased, deleted, like it never existed in the first place.

Matcha (Guest):
Nooooo!! Don't get rid of the Moose! I didn't realize he was gone!

Haiiro-haru (Guest):
Oooooh back story time! I'm so excited!! I can't wait!

The moose page will come back sometime. I've been making progress on my comic build script, so maybe after this flashback or chapter we'll switch the backend over, and then we can have the main comic and all the side and bonus stuff comics we want!

oh boy, cant wait! who or what is melody exactly?

Kencyrath (Guest):
Tree says, "...revert all my maidens?" All? All Tree's maidens are converted Snailenites? No pre-existing maidens, even though Tree has existed millions of years?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
So before we get a new page, theory:

Melody was "interrupted" by having her caretaker turned into a maiden, thus putting her under the care of Winter.

Matcha (Guest):
@ SwiftAusterity
You think Melody's mom was turned into a Winter Maiden?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Possibly yeah. Winter has a vested interest in her and Melody writes back to Winter.

Of all the maidens we've seen only the water maidens seem to be the exception to the "single purposed drone" variety given they were just screwing around in the river.

I'd like to hold onto the idea that Melody isn't a maiden. We all had "melody is supernatural" type theories earlier on but this new revelation seems to suggest she was human to start with.

It could just be that Winter sends all her maidens out on discovery quests or maybe even just the children that became Maidens because she feels guilty for robbing them of most of their lives.