Winter Melody 6

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I feel out of practice drawing normal people...


Vegetable (Guest):
happy endings do exist

...Well that's one way to have a happy ending. O_o

Golux (Guest):
Users are losers...
So turn 'em all into Maidens...
Sounds like it more or less fixed the problem.

Kiri (Guest):
I'm with Melody - that's not a happy ending. Wiping out a race and turning them all into maidens is not a happy ending.

The first thing I thought was ''Rise of the Maidens''...

I have a weird mind...

Milo (Guest):
From what we know of maiden psychology, it is technically a happy ending.

But there are values more important than happiness...

Jachra (Guest):
Maiden-ing involves no small level of brainwashing, it seems.

Forest_GS (Guest):
Drawing normal people is overrated.

Matcha (Guest):
Some of those were little kids - probably some babies, too. Maiden Babies?? What about the husbands and wives?
Curiouser and curiouser...

Eldoran (Guest):
Milo is right.
The punishment is being turned into maidens against their will.
The tending the forest as maidens itself is no punishment, as maidens WANT to do that anyway.

Milo (Guest):
Note that all maidens we've seen have appeared as pretty much the same age. If it can restore older converts to the beauty of youth, then it seems reasonable that it can also age children up into adult bodies.

Of course they would still have the life experience and immaturity of children... but the transformation tweaks their minds enough to give them all the personality the goddess wants them to have. So long as they're nurturing trees and obeying orders, who cares if they're socially maladjusted?


The weird thing is that Arisa specifically mentions "wives and children" as being among the punished, implying that she understands this group to be particularly significant, yet she still doesn't consider it to have been wrong.

I also wonder about Moth. (S)he says "Doesn't seem much like a punishment for maidens.", which suggests that, unlike Tea, (s)he's aware that there are alternative viewpoints (despite being a maiden "her"self). Moth also doesn't look like (s)he's smiling.

Then again, one can also interpret Moth's statement as "They deserved a harsher punishment."...

Stair (Guest):
Awesome Webcomic I love this! :)

Iced Tea (Guest):
Maiden-a-zation = FLA

Ooooooh!...late night TV commercial for the Maiden-O-Matic! Only $19.99!
"Shut up, Mike!"

Canubirt (Guest):
you know, i haven't posted in a while as i was trying to figure out what to say. which i have finally figured out.

Oh the blasphemy, think of the children, why does no one think of the tiny children... what?? you mean they are those giant trees now... huh ok nevermind carry on.

Almond Joy (Guest):
No Update??
Just wondering - do you know what's going to happen next or are you writing as you go?
Either way, I hope you keep the comic going.