Winter Melody 5

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Shoujo Q (Guest):
And then did Tree grow irate with the behaviour of her devotees and smote them with the fury of her boughs and rendered them Maidens.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
That #1 priestess is so dang cute!

Milo (Guest):
Wow, interesting. So those fussy rules weren't Tree's own doing.

Vincent (Guest):
That's a lot of pencils.

Iced Tea (Guest):
First of all...WOW, that last panel with Tree. I'm going to have scary bad dreams tonight!
Thinking back though, Tree seems kind of gullible for a Godess...

Tab (Guest):
She'd look a lot scarier without the anime vein pinch thingies. I've never seen them used in a noncomical context.

When will people learn not to piss off a God that can destroy them with a blink of an eye?

Matcha (Guest):
Yeah, but in their defense, she doesn't look all that fearsome in Weeble mode.

Jachra (Guest):
It's interesting to note that Maidens can lie to their goddess if they choose. Also interesting how limited divine perceptions are.

Remember, all, each world has its own rules.

maidens can willingly deceive their goddess?

CronoT (Guest):
To be fair I think she was a priestess at the time and became a maiden later.

I could be wrong but so far nobody has referred to maidens as priestesses.

matcha (Guest):
Wouldn't the progression be more like Person, Maiden, Priestess, Weeble? (just kidding about the weeble!)

Milo (Guest):
Yeah, priestesses and maidens seem to be separate. I assume that Arisa was only a priestess previously, and was likely turned into a maiden after coming clean to Tree so that she wouldn't be able to lie again.

Was this Tree turning her in a fit of rage like she did to Tea and Moth, or did Arisa deliberately go through with it out of guilt / because it was the only employment opportunity left after her was civilization destroyed by a vengeful deity?

swiftausterity (Guest):
It could also be she was turned into a maiden willingly because she was devoted to tree and tree wanted her to gain super powers to go trash the snail people.