Winter Melody 4

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Ooh, this is progressing quite nicely; can't wait for the next page

Rin (Guest):
Man, with that pose in panel 3... Am I the only one who transposed the I and L in Snailens while reading it?

Mike (Guest):
That second panel just answered by weeks-long question of if Moth was still a dude or not. Guess dudes can't be maidens. Bummer.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
It finally looks like the tree roots aren't poking the maidens in the butt! yay!

Matcha (Guest):
Tea would be great at a feast. She could steal all the food with her tendrilly hair.
Last panel is so darn cute.

Tab (Guest):
Of course the trouble started slowly. They were Snailens.

Oolong (Guest):
@ Tab
Snailens...slow...good one.

I wonder if we could see under their robes, would we see a funny spiral shellbody? That's why they look the way they do in the last panel?

Tab (Guest):
They make me think of matryoshka dolls.