Winter Melody 3

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Is that an author avatar in panel 3?

Author Jakes:
@ MrTTAO No, that's a (the?) Knowledge maiden.

Hmm.... I smell a backstory.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Obviously knowledge doesn't transfer in with the maidenization.

Also, now we know why they messed with the golems. Here I thought it came down to Melody being.. melody ;)

Raven (Guest):
But if it was a knowledge maiden, she would have a hat, so she must be the knowledge maiden?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
The tree limb still sorta looks like it's in Tea's rear end in the first panel.

sorry uber >.>

Wii (Guest):
LOL, that would be a really effective way of waking people up, sticking a branch up theirs ...

Darius Drake (Guest):
@ Raven: Maybe she's holding her hat. It isn't like they neccessarily keep their hats on 24-7. I bet Winter Maidens take their hats off in Summer.

...if only to sleep.

CeeSea (Guest):
Not all maidens wear hats. Different uniforms for each~

Ocha (Guest):
Tea could do soap commercials. Stepping out of the shower, "I feel...Evergreen!"