Winter Melody 2

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Fixed the purple text on the last page. Sometimes if I've recently worked with a dark color I don't notice it's not black, and Sai can't export as greyscale.


Mike (Guest):
Is she sticking that root into what I think she is? o_o

Ha, didn't notice that. Supposed to be brim of the hat/head.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Unintended art direction go!

Milo (Guest):
Melody isn't a very good storyteller.

And aww, tree maiden dreaming about lots of happy tree planting... Too bad she still isn't supposed to be a tree maiden.

PS. "Theives" should be "thieves".

Matcha (Guest):
This is so good! Although it read like Port Delta hatched...
Well, UberLentil is all about art!
Tree is really unsettling.

Fox (Guest):
@Milo and Match

Its melody, bad story telling and she could be going and doing some peppy 14 year old girl thing, voice gets squeeky and she starts mispronouncing words.

(My little sister is one of them)

Duck Lady (Guest):
Scary Tree.

Tab (Guest):
Walking along. A nearby seedling sprouts a woman's head. Eh. It's Tuesday.

Kencyrath (Guest):
Tree is manifesting from the 299,995th dream sapling. Numerologically significant?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
@Ken: We're comic fans, *everything* is significant if you squint hard enough ;)

Shoujo Q (Guest):
Actually, it'd be the 2,999,995th... which doesn't have any particular numerological significance that I'm aware of.

Kencyrath (Guest):
Dag nabit, I dropped a "9"? Where'd the pesky thing go...

Yyyeah, that's just creepy.

Tab (Guest):
This is why I always carry a pair of hedge clippers with me. Y'know, just in case.