Winter Melody 1

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We've sent the hiatus maiden away.
On with the new chapter and the stuff in the chapter, and the panels in the stuff in the chapter, and the words in the text bubbles in the panels in the stuff in the chapter.


You're back! :D
I always look forward to this comic. Thank you for existing!!

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
No sign of the maidenized companions and the snow guardians are perplexed.

And now a recap!

Very little going on here except for the fact that deities play jan-ken-pon. Is every major conflict resolved with jan ken pon?

Milo (Guest):
1. So, obviously a matter of this importance can only be decided by rock-paper-scissors. Seems normal.
2. When Tree says ten million years, she might well mean that literally.
3. Floranne has acquired a flowerpot made of snow.
4. I am not even in the least surprised that Melody thinks in chibis.

Mike (Guest):
Missing dialogue: BACK WHEN I HAD BRAIDS!!!!!! T^T

Side note: Am I the only person that sees a purpley colour when I look at the smaller text? >.>

Canubirt (Guest):
if thats all it takes to get a goddess to listen to me, I would rule over all the land... MWahahaha... but sadly she would probably maidenize me

Tab (Guest):
Wow, hadn't noticed before because she hasn't been this close to the other characters before, but Tree is huge. Are all goddesses huge, or is she just "tall like a tree"?

Whoa, Tree is big!
Are all the goddesses larger than people, or is this a Tree thing because trees grow big?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the font is purple. I think all the fonts are a purple shade of some sort actually.

Matcha (Guest):
Well, Winter, your idiot seems to be doing far.

Milo (Guest):
How can you say that? She lost a game of rock-paper-scissors! This is horrible!

@Milo: The pot could be earthenware or several other materials. Its a black and white comic so white =! snow

The G-Man (Guest):
Did anyone else note that Floranne called Melody 'Human'? Does this kill the theory of her being a Maiden/Goddess?:)

@The G-Man: Flowergirl might not know better

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Floranne has already exhibited she doesn't know much of what's going on other than she wants to burn everything alive.

I'm not sure her calling Melody human means anything.

Matcha (Guest):
Winter's little pet human. She keeps Melody around as amusement.

Jachra (Guest):
Just plowed through this sucker in a day. Damned fine webcomic. No social media sharing though? Too bad! This deserves to get passed around.

Kencyrath (Guest):
Tree gives Melody the you're-not-fooling-me look and says, "Your recap starts too late. Go back and fill in the background you're hiding."

Calvin (Guest):
@Kencyrath: Success! Melody talks of her mother's hair, and falls asleep.
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