Silver's Epic Delivery 16

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............."How's my idiot doing" >_> ok I think we can rule out maiden and maby child of Winter ^_- soooo maby she is a creation of Winter??

Funkyleetdood (Guest):
Actually I don't think you can discount maiden, in fact I think that can be the only thing she can be.

Vincent (Guest):
That feel when you deliver a letter.

Winter's idiot is doing just fine!
Love all the snowmen. Even one being made in the background of panel 5. Awesome!

Tab (Guest):
Panel three: did that sign produce a sweat droplet?

Kencyrath (Guest):
I'd think most maidens of the same goddess get a standardized enhancement package. Melody, IF she's a Winter maiden, got non-standardized.

Wurmi (Guest):
Damn, it's just me or does she look old ?
If that's the goddess, then Melody wouldn't be daughter, more like grand ... grand daughter

The title now makes sense.

AgentKeen (Guest):
Is it just me, or is the snow covering up who has just 'stepped out'? (also, I like how it's back to the goddess script in the next panel)

isaac (Guest):
Finally! A sign gets thanked

Shadow (Guest):
Anyone notice that the sign went from readable English to whatever language they use in the two panels?

She seems unnaturally excited about this...
Can't help but wonder if she was willingly converted into a postal maiden. And if not its kinda sad

Fishface (Guest):
I'm betting on the possibility that Melody is a foundling. It's possible that shes taking a last human trip before converting into a maiden too.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Makes sense for Winter to be elderly. Winter is generally referred to as "Old Man Winter" and cold references tend to belong to the old as well.

As for Melody, still betting on goddess offspring.

As far as post maidenhood, and maiden mindcontrol/brainwashing or whatever we're calling it:

Remember Brave New World/Harrison Bergeron. Perhaps the entire maiden-thrall thing is an allusion to the idea that society at large is more than willing to forgo free will for an easy effort-reward dynamic cycle.

A lot has been said on this subject, though. Amusing Ourselves to Death (Postman, 90s) covered the topic in part as well and it's a very current sociological concern with all these gamified systems popping up.

There's even a bank with an "achievements system" ad campaign. (PNC)

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
I can't let this go but Winter totally looks like a Miazaki character.

Take any old woman character Miazaki's done.

Iced Tea (Guest):
The snowmen have the same mental capacity as Melody.

Jolt99 (Guest):
What are the odds we get a scene change now before we get any further clarification? At a guess I would say Melody might have just stumbled into the maiden village, hence idiot, but really at this point I would say most guesses are still valid.

Winter does not look like a goddess. Looks more like old-man-winter.

Ooooolong (Guest):
Who says goddesses have to look young? Winter looks wiser, more powerful, and more cunning than the "pretty" ones. Go Winter!

Cupcakes (Guest):
Well if Tree's hair turned white when it started snowing (aka a reaction to it being winter) wouldn't it make sense for Winter to be old in summertime?

I really do want to see where this is going.

@Marscaleb: Gods can't be male?

Gods can, but goddesses can't be male. The comic has thusfar only spoken of goddesses, to the point that it is suggested that in this world there are only goddesses, not gods. Or if there are gods, they do not serve in the same roles as we see here.

And I make no claim that Winter is or is not male, only that Winter looks male in this one single image.

@Marscaleb: 1. If a goddess wants to be male I am sure she has the power to... part of the whole "being a god" thing.
2. The fact only goddesses were mentioned in the comic thus far does not mean that male gods do not exist or do not serve the same role. It could have just been a coincidence.
3. Haven't only ~2 or 3 out of many divinities been mentioned thus far (and said to be goddesses)? Its a bit premature to draw conclusions such as "all divinities are female" from such a small data set

1. It's not a question about the powers of divinity, but a simple matter of language. Females are goddesses and males are gods. If one used its divine power to change its own gender, then the term used to describe them would change as well. And the comic has in no way stipulated what the exact extent of a goddess's powers are. Very few mythologies with several deities have described these deities as having so much power as to be able to change their very nature.
2. Yes, this is why I said "suggested." I am saying that I am given this impression. Seeing no male equivalent to the maidens adds to this impression.
3. While few divinities have been mentioned by name, I seem to recall the characters speaking of goddesses in their general dialogue. (In particular, when Melody read Goddess Script.) Yet I do not recall them mentioning gods, again adding to the impression I have received.

Milo (Guest):
The idea that all deities are female derives not only from the fact that the ones we've seen so far are female, but also that whenever the pantheon as a group was referred to, it was always using the word "goddess" (for example, "goddess script"). Implying that all of them are goddesses.

As for divinities being mentioned by name, now that we know their names are simply capitalized versions of whatever they preside over, we've actually heard quite a lot. Post, Winter, Tree, Map, Knowledge, Water, Fire come to mind.

...I want to see what Post looks like.

Matcha (Guest):
Winter's throne courtesy of Jack Frost - I like it!

@Marscaleb: A change in the gender pronoun used to describe the god/ess would necessitate that the change be permanent (in the sense that the deity chooses not to change back not in the sense of it being impossible to reverse) and that the change be complete.

For example luna in exalted likes to occasionally appear to mortals as a pregnant man. She is still luna and MOST of her appearances are in a female aspect, but the pregnant man IS an aspect of her/him which does appear frequently.

canubirt (Guest):
Is it just me or does the post maiden look like shes going through a withdrawal syndrome from not delivering mail

Matcha (Guest):
Yeah, I'd run away if she was coming at me with that face.

Tab (Guest):
You can't escape a maiden. You'll be getting your mail whether you want it or not.

Matcha (Guest):
I'd be Renji running from Dondochakka

Blebble (Guest):
To add to the burning crazy pile of guesses, I add this observation. On the top of the page (aka, where the title is) Winter Melody is written in a way where Melody looks as if it is coming from Winter. CRAZY SPECULATION CONTINUE

To clarify my earlier posts. I was saying winter COULD be a male if s/he so chose but I did not mean to imply she looks male.

Her facial features look to be those of an old woman, and she is wrapped in too much clothing to tell by secondary characteristics.

canubirt (Guest):
winter looks russian...

galdon (Guest):
I'm going to add to some of the theories being commented. :3 Melody has mysterious powers, that are powerful enough to block Tree. Who is a goddess.

The banner on the top of the page shows winter and melody written one on top of the other, and to the left, two different goddess symbols. If those are aligned to represent their names, then the other symbol must represent Melody.

Which can only mean one thing. Melody is a Duck! That is why the duck lady appeared so early on in the comic, and though seemingly being a throwaway character later appeared again!

Milo (Guest):
That sounds about as plausible as everything else suggested here.

Rick (Guest):
I just noticed that the language on the sign changes from panel 2 to panel 3