Silver's Epic Delivery 15

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DudePersonManGuy (Guest):
and, is it just me, or do the snowmen look like chilly from super mario64?

J (Guest):
I always love Silvers' adventures, she's such a cute character and kinda reminds me of me the way she's singing all the time.

aqua (Guest):
oh, did we already know that post maidens have intuitive knowledge of where their letters go? i was under the assumption that she was just headed towards the village and would get directions there

Khend (Guest):
Interesting... Silver's greeter doesn't appear to disturb the snow by moving through it.

Greycat (Guest):
The perks of a winter maiden. And it's summer?

Lost (Guest):
its summer and look how deep the snow is.. what the hell dose winter look like o.O also yes the greeter apears to "move" though the snow rather than walk ... creepppy

Ralmar (Guest):
What I find more interesting is that the letter, posted by Melody, presumably to her family, is going directly to the temple of the goddess. Makes me think that Melody is a young goddess, or otherwise more important than we know. I've speculated on it before, as all goddesses we've seen have crazy-long hair, as has Melody's Mother does. Perhaps soon we will see.

I love how the fellow from the village just walks through the snow without even touching it.

I rather wish my car did that.

Anonymous (Guest):
That little "snore -> smack -> augh" exchange is oddly familiar...

Brainless (Guest):
I'm guessing Melody is a winter maiden who wants to see the world, but is usually either "working" (winter) or asleep (rest of the year). This year she's decided to go travelling and some others have volunteered to watch over her. She's probably sending letters to the chief maiden as she thinks the maidens in the temple are the only ones awake.

Ken (Guest):
I suspect Melody is a hero, with Winter as a patron diety. Sort of similar to the way in which the Greek gods would occasionally take an interest in particular mortals.

canubirt (Guest):
Eh, i think melody is just melody and no one can really explain what she can do cause she just does it

Iced Tea (Guest):
Funny how Silver is fine in her regular clothes, but the Winter people wear coats, mittens, and awesome hats. Post Maiden may be the best after all.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
If we extrapolate post maidens from the old USPS mantra it makes sense.

They wont let anything prevent them from getting their mail in so some sort of nigh-invulnerability and immunity to weather conditions/temperature.

Milo (Guest):
As far as I can tell, the primary purpose for all types of maiden clothing is to look spiffy.

Ralmar (Guest):
Spiffy, yes, but at the same time, each one is suited for telling an observer what kind of maiden it is that they have met, and, as a direct result, which goddess they might tick off if the maiden is harmed in any way(difficult though that may be to do). Tree's maidens have a definite tree(or should that be Tree?)-ish look, while Water maidens we've seen all wear swimsuits, and Winter maidens wear heavy winter clothing. Makes perfect sense to me.

That said, while it may seem that Maiden clothing serves no purpose, more immediately it definitely keeps the comic suitable for all ages. Infinitely practical in that regard. :P

Flandre (Guest):
Love this comic, its really interesting. Although I'm sad that I will now have to wait for more pages, since the last 216 I read it one block.

AUSGrizzly (Guest):
No offence to that of the Post Maidens but DAMN, Those Winter Maidens get an Epic Looking Hat...
If only it wasn't for the Transgendermation that happens, kinda like the ability to grow a beard and stuff...

You could always be a Beard maiden.

Wurmi (Guest):
I find it bit suspicious how that maiden's face is all hidden and blurred out ...
It wouldn't happen to be someone important, would it ? Maybe goddess herself ?

How does the person not leave tracks?