Silver's Epic Delivery 14

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canubirt (Guest):
welp, theres our answer, melody is from a maiden town so shes probably a maiden

canubirt (Guest):
now that i said that.... do maidens reproduce with mortals or with other maidens... my mind is now boggled

Rick (Guest):
This explains alot

Ralmar (Guest):
If a goddess has a child with a mortal, does that make a Maiden? Maidens seem to fit into demigod status fairly neatly, buuuuut is there much difference?

For that matter, can goddesses have children with mortals in the first place? Hrmn.

Our favourite post maiden, a couple answers and still more questions.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
I still bet on goddess child.

Maidens probably fall under celestial servant more so than demigod. For example seraphim aren't considered demigods.

Also, are we going to get better answers out of the sideplot than the main one? :p

Fox (Guest):
That's what side plots are for, when you can't squeeze it into the main one get a side character to tell it.

Temporal (Guest):
I finally caught up with it?

Also, did anyone notice the yeti skin cloak? o_o

OR maybe she's just singing a song about a maiden-town as she was reminded of it since she was riding a yeti. (We don't see penguins flying here, do we?)

I really can't justify saying "this explains a lot" when we still don't have a concise explanation of what a maiden is.

Sleigh Bells Ring (Guest):
Ouch! Stubbing a tusk like that would have to really hurt!

Also, @Temporal, it looks like one of the winter coats the others were wearing. She's got a nice, furry hat on with the ear flaps down. Don't know about a yeti-skin cloak...

Fazzey (Guest):
@Marscaleb: The song says penguins fly IN the sea.

And Silver seems to be starstruck. >_<

@Fazzey Of course she's star-struck, she just made it to the place she's been trying to deliver a letter to! One thing we do know about maidens is how they get obsessive over their particular field.

Also, this isn't the first time she's been singing about the place she's at while the end of the song is... inaccurate.

rtiger (Guest):
This should be Silvers 14, not Silvers 8.

As for melody, I am pretty sure Melody is a goddess. Even the maidens seem reserved on what to do about her, and know they can't control her. She has too much free will to be a maiden.

On a second note, if you look at the title... the symbols all have meanings. The one on melodies letter stands simply for "Winter" It might be that the symbol is not simply a location

Thanks for pointing out the wrong number. 'Tis fixed.

Fox (Guest):
Note the lyrics, they are not all describing Melody's hometown, which is in the middle of the mountains next to no large bodies of water, so she is singing about mutiple towns for all the different maidens.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Monday? Noooooooo.

Can we at least get a sketch about schedule maidens? ;)