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The Legend of Melodies?

KULULU (Guest):
How did you not like Twilight Princess?

Tab (Guest):
For three console generations now, I've been a Sony devotee. I don't regret it, really, but I do miss playing Zelda games. I'll probably buy a WiiU sometime next year.

UD1 (Guest):
Hoy, small fry!

Starmode (Guest):
Haha, I laughed at the minecraft one

I madly love all of these games :DDD

Darius Drake (Guest):
He obviously didn't like it because he gets ridden, and all the context related to that. Also: Chain.

It's okay Moth; if Skyward Sword had been done, you probably still would've been ridden XD

RenegadeX557 (Guest):
I wanted to see what happened next!

isaac (Guest):
I preferred the gamecube version it wasn't a good wii title

Darius Drake (Guest):
@ isaac: Who says that that's not the Gamecube version of the Twilight Princess?

So you're going through the Zelda games looking for a fun one to play, but you somehow miss the GREATEST one in the whole series?
AND the second-greatest?
So instead you settle for... Minecraft.
*sigh* Kids today.

Matcha (Guest):
Yay, it's Thankful Turkey!

N64ever! (Guest):
It would take a couple pages to go through every Zelda there is. I, for one, would rather UberLentil gets back to drawing the main story.

That's fair, but if you're just going to graze the highlights, missing both Link to the Past AND Link's Awakening is a crime.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Where's my P-Bags joke?!?

Do you know how long it takes to level up without P-Bags :/


minecraft :3

Gijukkei (Guest):
I loved all of these games except for Majora's mask, which I really want to play.