Tree 35

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Happy end of chapter!

There will be a filler page next week due to turkeys and us needing to work out the next chapter.
WM turns 3 years old on the 20th! (I think)


Botanist (Guest):
she has friends in high places!

Woop another twist. There go many various theories, squashed

Canubirt (Guest):
Ha, melody is the cause of the blizzard in a roundabout way. And that guy has an awesome scar... also hes a maiden?

Man maidens definitely needs to be a thing. Since the first of the blizzard came out of Melody's pod thing, and she didn;t get planterized, the ice maiden theory still hasn;t been squashed.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
As BASS said, the first snow erupted from the pod.

Both maiden and goddess/daughter theories stand firm.

I'd say the goddess/daughter theories are even stronger given the snow maidens are traveling around protecting her. (though they didn't seem concerned about her becoming a siren slave)

Kencyrath (Guest):
If goddesses are related to each other, then there are lines of "descent" and some are older than others. Of the goddesses we know, Winter and Water would be oldest, Post and Map youngest and Tree in-between.

Why dark-hair a guy? Am I missing some obvious clue?

Noooooo! This was supposed to be Melody's rage power!

Guy is not a maiden. He's also not casting the blizzard, only the girls are.

Now we can all speculate as to why these people are following Melody - and moreso, how they found her!
Clearly they're well aware of her nature.

Eldoran (Guest):
I'm a bit baffled about this new twist. There is something special about Melody though - the snow DID erupt from her pod first and she still doesn't seem to mind the snow/cold.

I assume the new group (Winter maidens?) is pretty much responsible for the wide scale effect. I suppose they are pretty much responsible for the sleep of the maidens/wilting of Tree (the blizzard outside). The snow out of the pod / inside the temple (?) is most likely still caused by Melody.

O.O three years old?! i've been following WM for 3 years?! these comics grow so fast, but not every one of them gets to live this long TT w TT this is a great piece of work, keep it going!

O.O three years old?! i've been following WM for 3 years?! these comics grow so fast, but not every one of them gets to live this long TT w TT this is a great piece of work, keep it going!

Snow Cow (Guest):
Since we know guys become girls when maidenized, I think it's pretty likely that scarface is a girl. You can even see some eyelashes in the last panel.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Men can have long eyelashes too. Mine are naturally long and appear feminine. (and get stuck in my eyes all the time)

Maybe he's Melody's guardian or brother or who knows? He seems to be running the show with the winter maidens and is concerned about her arriving in Seafall.

Milo (Guest):
True, men can have long eyelashes too, but then again, some women can have rather boyish looks. Example: Melody.

So when they say "We can't let her trip end before she even gets to Seafall.", does that mean "gets to Seafall AGAIN", or have Melody's stalkers not been following her closely enough to know she's already been there once?

urrrgh... this doesn't answer anything it just brings more questions!.... Well done.

Also, are those male maidens? maledens?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
They did seem absent during the Siren episode. Then again they let them enter the maze and did nothing when the bear attacked so maybe they're waiting until its really bad before intervening?

Weekly schedule is murder!

Monkeytoster (Guest):
We SUCK, at guessing what comes next in this comic. :(

Raven (Guest):
Well, Melody did say she came from a village up north didn't she? Maybe the village and the shrine grew up together and males are still able to get into positions of power, but no powers?

Maybe they only acted in this instance because she was facing off against the goddess herself(in a roundabout way).

RTiger (Guest):
From what it sounds like, Melody is surely on the level of a goddess. Few actually have maidens working for them, and this appears as if the snow maidens are well aware that melody is simply uncontrollable, so they just let melody so as she wants.

Given Melody behavior, and now this, Melody as a goddess is still very young, and has mom watching her from a distance.

What interest would Winter have in seafall however?

Gotta add...
So many questions about Melody, and when we think we've answered some, you throw in another bit to mess up all our speculation. Yet it's all interesting and totally has several of us hooked waiting for the next little bit of info...
Well done.

...We're never going to get a straight-forward answer in this comic, are we?

Anyway, my latest theory:
Melody is a goddess who wanted to view the word from the perspective of a mortal, and shielded her memory and (most of) her abilities to be become *almost* a regular person, and she has a few of her maidens following her out-of-sight just in case something goes wrong.

Also possibly she does this every year, which is why the seasons change. (She changes from the goddess Winter to the mortal Summer.)

Nachturia (Guest):
Maidens..Really? Just who is Melodie?
And the scarface is a girl. I think.

Matcha (Guest):
The bit about Seafall bothers me. Was that not the REAL Seafall? Alternate reality Seafall??
I think the guy with the scar got it from a stinkin' YETI.

Brainless (Guest):
Theory: Melody = Adolescent Maiden? Could be she was born a Maiden, as are the people of her village, but has not yet been told, or is too immature to understand, what she is so does not know how to use her powers.

Kencyrath (Guest):
Would a goddess' tolerance of an infant goddess' behaviour parallel our tolerance of young children's antics? Is Tree therefore being nicer to Melody than she would be to anyone else? After all, Tree should know, if that's what Melody is.

It's a Party! (Guest):
Happy Birthday Winter-Melody!

Naria_Nexis (Guest):
people who know melody! :D

@Kencyrath: If tree knew then why did she try and fail to turn her into a maiden?