Tree 34

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... Prepare yourselves. She's going into rant mode.

So she's an ice maiden then?

canubirt (Guest):
Prepare to die.... by overly long conversation of melody whos still causing snow to fall

Maximum Foliage? That's one awesome mode.

Shoujo Q (Guest):
I think she's a little beyond being a Maiden.

Eldoran (Guest):
I guess that means Florannes fire? sumbeam? attack takes its energy from the ambient light - hence the increased foliage.

Ken (Guest):
Oh, yeah! Parlay!

Milo (Guest):
Melody doesn't understand the nature of her own powers.

Nice to see she's still the Melody we know :)

The "I don't get hot" comment a while ago makes sense now. I'm thinking ice/snow maiden too... It might explain her strange personality.

Krimskii (Guest):
She might be a daughter of a goddess? I mean, we've seen her mother. That might explain why she doesn't really understand her powers.

Kencyrath (Guest):
With the bee-cows in mind, I'm hoping for a unique goddess-origin story. Something more amusing than "Goddesses create offspring by deifying one of their mortal-born maidens and sending her out into the world to find her specialization."

Razer (Guest):
Am I the only one noticing that Tree is going gray? Considering a tree's cycle, Melody may be half way to winning already.

Just how much of her own powers does Melody actually understand?
Her instinctual use of them is quite impressive. She uses them automatically whenever she senses the need. Conscious control of them is generally lacking, and she surprises even herself with the effects she produces. - So not luck, as Floranne guesses, but pure instinct.

I am curious to see Floranne's apparently quite destructive max-foliage sunflower power.

Davraz (Guest):
I think it's more likely Melody understands her power but was surprised by an odd effect. She might have expected them to let go of her because of intense shivering or similar, but given that they are Maidens tied to plant life it caused them to go into a hibernative state.

codebracker (Guest):
I think her max foliage is to power up her solar beam attack(think sunflora). Also her full name is Mellody Winter, so I'm guessing her mom is a godess of winter?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Looks like goddess offspring may be the right answer.

Also seems as if Tree has been hiding from not only the humans but the other gods as well in her foliage snail castle.

Milo (Guest):
I imagine Tree doesn't get along very well with Post, given what paper is made of...

Chaos_Priest (Guest):
I thought her name was melody summer?

So... I guessing we're just not going to get answers about Summer's Winter persona.

Hello, my name is Melody Summer. You turned my friends into Maidens. Prepare to be lectured.

KERORO (Guest):
Random Gundam mode acivate!

Senji Q:
preparing to use solar-beam

Marnath (Guest):
I just realized that we've seen Melody create cold air before. In #151, it looks like a cold wind is coming off her as she runs. Or maybe that's just supposed to indicate movement?

Matcha (Guest):
Melody's just a powerful idiot who grew up with Yeti. Don't give her too much credit.

Milo (Guest):
Melody is not an idiot :(

Matcha (Guest):
Sure she is. Smells like a Yeti, too.

Golux (Guest):
Everybody refers to Melody as an idiot. Someone who pretty much consumes and understands any book she comes across. Who can read Goddess script. Who reaches conclusions through both literal and lateral thinking. Not a good person to have as an enemy, she doesn't think like you, she thinks around you and beyond you.