Tree 33

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Harleaqin (Guest):

So, is the last panel her genuine response or just a reminder for those of us (readers) who are a bit slow?

Milo (Guest):
Three challengers down, two to go.

Let's see if Floranne wants to try her luck.

Haha. I love seeing Melody utilize her powers practically.

Posting early always feels like an innocuous action preceding a massive avalanche. The fan base of this comic is so hilariously intellectual about the story's universe.

Khend (Guest):
Sleepy? There's absolutely no way I could possibly sleep if I was that cold. Though I might sit there shivering uselessly.

Milo (Guest):
Maybe their bodies are shutting off due to lack of energy?

Agnes (Guest):
Omg. Panel 3 - Melody is so cute

Shoujo Q (Guest):
Ruh-roh. Melody's got you now!

i kinda makes sense that they (the tree maidens) would get sleepy in the cold seeing as how in the winter time tree's sap recedes and they "sleep"

Emmy (Guest):
One of the last stages of hypothermia is drowsiness...

Comment from last page sill applies. "Winter Fury".
I suppose Floranne, as a demon, is more resistant to these powers.

Marnath (Guest):
@SolarSystem: It might just be that she's standing further away than they were.

Milo (Guest):
Floranne has so far shown a strong affinity for fire powers. Can her fire beat Melody's snow?

Eldoran (Guest):
It was already mentioned, that tree is sleepy and slow in winter. Furthermore it is logical, that the maiden inherit both strengths and weakness from their goddess.
=> they will get sleepy in the winter too - which Melody seems to have brought there.

Kiri (Guest):
I don't think we've ever seen Melody angry before the last couple of posts.

Milo (Guest):
She was angry at the orphan who stole her bag.

Also she claimed to "hate" the maze in Seafall, though that was more fear/frustration than anger.

She was pretty accepting of being knocked out and tied up, though.

Does this explain the Winter in 'Winter Melody'

I've read that when people get extremely cold and have used up just about all of their energy to keep themselves warm, they start to get incredibly sleepy and will sometimes lie down in the snow... which usually results in them freezing to death.

Kencyrath (Guest):
Tree had only one maiden and a plant-demon before converting Tea and Moth? Maidens are immortal, so where are all the other maidens Tree ever had?

One (Guest):

Milo (Guest):

Two things.
1. Not all maidens hang out in their deity's main temple. Post maidens have shrines in every city, map maidens are constantly travelling, and the water maidens seemed to be hanging out in a river with no goddess in sight. If anything, "temple caretaker" seems to be the job of only a minority of maidens, while most are out doing their deity's will in a more worldly way. So Tree may easily have other maidens which are somewhere not-here.
2. Tree is on strained terms with humans, so it may in fact have been a long time since anyone signed up (though that doesn't explain what happened to her old servants).

isaac (Guest):
Haoshoku Haki?! Or it just got too cold and he fell asleep due to plant thing

Vincent (Guest):
@Milo & Kencyrath: There might be a possibility that while being a Maiden means immortality, ones own will eventually comes back, and maidens can end their maidenship by their own will - maybe after a period of 100 years or a year and a day.

And as a goddess if you're really abrasive when it comes to humans, they leave you when their own will resurfaces. And spread warnings about the place.

This is just speculation of course. A darker one being she managed to get her maidens killed somehow.

Matcha (Guest):
Definitely haki! She's dumb enough, too.
Panel 3, my eyes keep flashing between seeing her normally and seeing her huge eyebrows as eyes. Big jack-o-lantern eyes!

The D00d (Guest):
They are trees. Trees sleep during the winter. There was winter around them, so they fell asleep. Does this really count as strength?

hot ham and swiss (Guest):
They are not trees. They may have an affinity with trees, but they are not actual trees.

Fazzey (Guest):
I love how Moth is still Moth & questioning how Melody does ANYTHING!! XD

Darius Drake (Guest):
@ Everyone asking why the maiden trio go to sleep: I think of it as a combination of two factors, Hypothermia and Winter Rest. Namely, everyone who said it's because trees lose their leaves in the winter, I feel that you're half right. But I still think that Melody might have accidentally threatened the Maiden Trio's lives with what she just did.

And, yes, I do know that it takes longer than that for Hypothermia to set in. It's magic snow coming from a suspected at-least-partially divine being. It doesn't NEED to be ruled by the biological properties of our world.