Tree 32

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Have it early. *works on a Halloween pic*


Alex (Guest):
Melody's mad.

You can tell 'cause her shading's gone all scribbly!

Author Jakes:

Milo (Guest):
Cue awesome in 3... 2... 1...

I guess we're about to find out why the comic is called WINTER Melody.

Milo I don't know why but I laughed aloud when I read that. So obvious and yet it didn't even occur to me!

Jasae Bushae (Guest):
Welp, I guess I was right on my guess that shes either a maiden or a goddess. XD
Whatever pops up next outta be a real treat :3

The problem with saying "I called it" is that we literally listed every single possibility and probably some non possibilities :P

Milo (Guest):
I don't recall anybody specifically guessing Winter as the source of Melody's power, though. Which seems kind of embarrassing in hindsight.

my thinking today: I should just stop reading the comments and just enjoy the comic.
would much rather figure out stuff myself and feel smart instead of three steps behind everyone else haha xD

Jasae Bushae (Guest):
yaaah~ admittedly there wern't any guesses related to melody having winter power ^^; i dimly recall some guesses early on as people tried to guess the reason for the series title but nooooobody made any guesses about winter powers XD

a question i really have on this regard though: title aside were there any hints leading up to this about winter powers so us readers can smack ourselves in hindsight?

Milo (Guest):
There was the fact where Melody mentioned she doesn't get hot (Valley of Tea 9).

Other than that, nothing that I can remember, besides that she appears to have grown up in a chilly area surrounded by yeti, but that's not too unusual.

It was a little suspicious that she coped so well with heat even though she should be used to cold temperatures.

Something I'm wondering about is why she didn't use her snow to put out the fire in that maze. Does she not have enough control over her powers to call on them at will? Did she refrain from using them to keep her nature secret? Did she feel that would be "cheating"?

Gemstone (Guest):
If she's a goddess/maiden then did she just get a power boost from the maiden transforming flower?

I have a feeling, she's going to freeze everything in the area if she doesn't get her friends back to normal, if is some form of ice/winter/snow maiden...

Nobody might have written it because it was obvious.

I know that I thought that if she is a maiden / demigod then, considering the goddess of Trees is called "Tree" then someone called "Winter Melody" is obviously of Winter or of Melodies.

Milo (Guest):
Winter Melody is just the comic name, though. According to the cast page, the character's name is Melody Summer.


Elmar (Guest):
So she's a kind of winter/snow maiden or something... that would explain the foating ice at #71 (The Maze of Doom).

Jasae Bushae (Guest):
wow, nice find elmar~ and it had happend when her hair was punctured...
combine this with the wierdness involved when she tried magic and that last name and its just a mess of questions...
...why do i suspect were not going to get a proper answer anytime soon?

Milo (Guest):
We're probably going to get SOME sort of explanation soon, unless Melody decides to just go "Oh, I happen to have the ability to smite deities. No biggie. Say, what's that shiny thing over there?".

Golux (Guest):
She's a dragon who can be whatever she wants to be and no goddess can touch her.

Bapps (Guest):
I think melody is a goddess who sealed her powers and her memories in order to experience living as a mortal (for the fun of it). She was having such a wonderful time until Tree went and spoiled it. Now she is PISSED. The attempt to transform her into a maiden unsealed her powers (and her memories), now she has to use her powers to get everyone out of there.

I don't think this will be an even fight though, melody's on enemy ground so even if she is a goddess of comparable power it will still be an uphill battle, pissed or not.

J (Guest):
please tell me you're gonna have the next page up soooooooon ;.; think of the children!

Guest (Guest):
Perhaps its nothing to do with winter, it could be the ability to withhold summer, she is rather carefree, a carefree summer.

Harleaqin (Guest):
Zhe Plott zhickenzzz.....

canubirt (Guest):
ok ok im going to throw this out there.... Melody is the incarnation of winter... or in other words shes the depicted old man thats usuallly associated with winter.... or she could be the seasons itself

Khend (Guest):
I believe she is a daughter of the goddess Winter. And she definitely has, or at least had a sibling(s).

The family name of Summer just means that a brother was born before her, so the children inherited the last name of the father.

Also, this comic is just as fun reading the first time as reading the fourth time. Great job guys.

Fox (Guest):
I agree with Bapps, amnesia or sealing.

Or she may have been sealed for a ritual and Tree ruined it, might better explain why she is freakin' PO'd.

Marnath (Guest):
I would not be surprised to find out that the Goddesses have some sort of agreement not to move directly against each other, an agreement which Tree has violated(if Melody is a goddess/maiden.) Like what the deities of Faerun have, if any of you are familiar with that.

Milo (Guest):
Actually, according to A Starting Melody 30, Melody comes from a clan village named "Summer". Though Uberlentil's comment on Seafall City 2 does claim the naming-by-gender-of-first-child thing applies in Melody's region. Maybe they use that to determine which clan's village to go live in?

Though I have to say the "family affiliation with a goddess" thing seems like unfounded superstition. The characters we've seen so far's names have little to do with what they're actually doing with their lives.

Seafall City 11 establishes that it is currently summer in the setting's timeline.

Winter Fury

Razer (Guest):
Just something to consider if she IS a goddess and she and Tree are about to duke it out... Even though she is currently on Tree's 'turf', winter, the season, kills or sends into hibernation, trees. So if her power really is the power of winter she has a definite advantage in this battle. Trees sometimes collapse under the weight of the ice and snow that winter can dump on them. And if Melody is seriously PO'd I'm pretty sure she could drop a serious 'Nor'easter' on Tree's head. That'd be pretty close to game over right there...

Milo (Guest):
For what it's worth, note that in the three panels in the middle row, you can visibly see leaves wilting and falling off in REAL TIME. That's some pretty powerful cold!

However, also remember that this is a natural part of a tree's lifecycle. Even if it's a bit ahead of schedule.

AgentKeen (Guest):
I like the Goddess' reaction.
Golem and intruders= How dare you!
Random snow and wilting leaves= huh... ok then

Is Melody really POed or is she possessed by a patron (say, by Winter) who took notice of a maiden of hers being in trouble.

Quetzalrofl (Guest):
Melody just lost her COOL. That goddess probably can't WEATHER her assault for long. I can barely wait to see Melody kick ICE and take names.

Nachturia (Guest):

Pashakitty (Guest):
Heh... I was wondering if one Goddesses maiden could be usurped by another Goddess. Looks like the answer is no.

Herbal Tea (Guest):
Just a small comment noting the difference between panel seven of Tree thirty-two and panel three of Tree twenty-eight.

Ah, so she's gone from Summer Melody to Winter Melody. I see now.

...And it looks like this is the winter of her discontent.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Here I thought anticipation for THIS strip was the worst. Clearly given we all pretty much agreed what was going to happen (melody exits unchanged and pissed) there's even more strips to wait o.0

Weekly cadence is killing us!

Milo (Guest):
Well Melody is probably SOMEHOW going to convince Tree to free her friends. There's several ways that could happen.
1. Melody is powerful enough to beat Tree in single combat.
2. Melody cows Tree by invoking the protection of somehow stronger than herself (most likely Winter).
3. Tree backs down from an all-out fight to avoid collateral damage to her plants.
4. Melody manages to bluff/scold Tree into submission despite being at a position of disadvantage.
5. Melody can just undo the transformation and make a run for it without needing Tree's cooperation.
Place your bets now!

bean counter (Guest):
Milo has posted 439 words so far on this page, if you can believe Word. Maybe a record.

"TREE! ...That was AWESOME! DO IT AGAIN!!"

Steel (Guest):
Goddess, Maiden, or REALLY tough mortal Vs. Plant Goddess. Winner take all!

Herbal Tea (Guest):
Comical as it was, panel four in The Maze of Doom number four proved that Melody can bleed. Perhaps many of the present theories among the audience are not taking that into account?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
We don't know that Tree can't bleed. No one has tried yet.

My bets are on Tree backing down after realizing Melody is already a maiden.

RTiger (Guest):
Something to note, is that maidens tend to have a Symbol on them. Usually on a hat.

I haven't seen anything like that on Melody, and given that Melody has utterly insane magic power, Melody is probably a God. The leaves on that tree fell off almost instantly.

On top of that, Melody can read the god script like it was a native language for him

Harleaqin (Guest):
... and the next page will be a Postmaiden story...

Milo (Guest):
Ava doesn't have a symbol. So far it's only post maidens and tree maidens that have hats. (Some have symbols elsewhere - water maidens have it over their chest, and I think the knowledge maiden had her symbol on an armband, though we don't get a clear view. Still don't remember seeing a map symbol anywhere.)

The thing with Melody is that she hasn't seemed that powerful until now - the thief lady knocked her out rather easily with one strike, for example. She also had no protection against the siren, and she showed exhaustion at the beginning of the comic.

I have to agree with SwiftAusterity's attitude, though. We must test if Tree can bleed. For SCIENCE!

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
I still don't know whether I believe Melody was enthralled with the Siren magically or whether she just went off on her own because she's Melody.

Does anyone not believe she would fall in love with the egg just because it's a giant egg?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Consequently if anyone wants to build a Maiden based online text game (and the authors would allow it) I'd be up for bringing my code engine out and hosting it somewhere >.>

Milo (Guest):
"I still don't know whether I believe Melody was enthralled with the Siren magically or whether she just went off on her own because she's Melody."
She changed her tune when her mind was reset by the lazy egg. Unless she was deliberately faking it to hide her nature (in which case she must also have been faking not knowing about sirens), that means she was legitimately mind controlled.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
And she ended up keeping the egg anyways.

Are we sure she was ever enthralled or if she ever recovered? ;)

@Egg theory: Its not just an egg, its a fertilized egg, a fetus and at the time at a late developmental stage. Melody discarded the shell fragments and kept on calling the baby salamy after s/he hatched.
Being enamored with a baby (or almost baby) is perfectly sane and acceptable behavior. Even if she has done so in a slightly eccentric manner.

@Quetzalrofl: "Melody lost her cool"
That was hilariously punny :)

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
Looking back, her eyes changed between egging and post-egging so I guess she was enchanted.

Granted, there's nothing to say that "demons" can't affect goddesses, maidens or progeny of goddesses.

Milo (Guest):
All we know is that Ava seemed pretty unperturbed when the siren attacked the pirate ship. She happily carried on drawing her map, ignoring the chaos around her. She also made no attempt to help out in the fight in any way, despite her presumed strength - perhaps maidens are under some sort of neutrality agreement?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
That could mean either the map maiden has such an intense level of concentration that she can effectively ignore all competing stimulii (a strong possibility given what her duty is) or that Melody is a goddess or goddess progeny.

Matcha (Guest):
And in Melody's hidden left hand...a big old McCulloch chainsaw!