Tree 31

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Warp (Guest):
A teaser! We have to wait even longer! =P

Maiden powers are great! ^^

soooooo, moth is a girl now?

And when melody gets out she will be...
exactly the same?

When Melody gets out, she will be Super Melody, She'll be the Over Score the under score the Whole Song, No longer just an aimless tune... but an orchestra of Egg egg ooh shiney.

Khend (Guest):
Fare thee well, golem. We barely knew thee. *mourns for a moment*


Okay, let's watch Melody come out of the cocoon-thing completely unchanged!'s gonna spray her out the top, I'm sure. XD

i can't be the only reader who thinks that characters' minds being forcibly altered so that they no longer care about their previous identities or motivations is really, really creepy. hopefully they find some way to get out of this situation, since it basically kills the plot. >.>

Certainly hope you aren't. But I can ascribe others as not being worried by their Faith in Melody rather than acceptance of the circumstances.

Craiig (Guest):
Ha you'll see when it opens it will be empty as melody has escaped already Tada

Vincent (Guest):
The body and mind alteration here? Yes, I find it really really horrifying aswell.

Snowstreak (Guest):
Melody won't have her mind altered because she doesn't have enough mind to be altered :P

Milo (Guest):
This kind of mind altering is a little bit creepy even when it's done with consent. Done against their will, on impulse over something that's a misunderstanding even, and that apparantly fries any desire in their minds to explain it's a misunderstanding, yeah that's VERY creepy.

I just have to assume there's SOME sort of catch, unless we're just going to completely derail the plot and have the rest of the comic be about their adventures as tree maidens.

Tea & Moth are completely taken in. It's up to Melody to save the day! She's taken much longer than the other two to come out...
Also looks like Floranne is a bit shocked at how quickly they smashed it to pieces.

Clearly the goddess of Tree is quite powerful, and this place is her domain and probably the place where she is most in command of the surroundings. She might not be able to completely alter the mind and body of people just anywhere.

Milo (Guest):
We don't currently know how Tree's power compares to that of other goddesses, or how much variation there is in the pantheon. The fact that she's a goddess AT ALL should make it not very surprising that she's quite powerful.

You couldn't have put this page in with all the others you gave us all at once? No, you just want to make us sweat in anticipation for a while longer.

earl grey (Guest):
I hope she pops out as a mecha, melody model.

Azlan (Guest):
Haha, it's funny reading all the comments that say that the mind control kills the plot, or that it is creepy that the goddess brainwashes them on a whim.

I wish the whims of all goddesses extended to merely converting one into a super strong, tough servant.

If this was written by the author than it is part of the plot, no?

i meant that such circumstances have the possibility of stalling the plot because this comic is essentially a travelogue, in which the characters are always on the move. having your minds and bodies hijacked by a goddess who apparently sits on one very small place wouldn't be that awesome in that context.

i'm sure they'll manage to get out of it, somehow, but brainwashing and stuff is still really creepy! i mean, think of all the shine maidens we've seen so far - how many of them were unwilling converts? how many of them used to be unwilling dudes? :p

Khend (Guest):
All this talk about brainwashing and stuff...

You're just jealous that you don't have a cool hat.

Interesting that the two newbie maidens hit it with their fists (which are admittedly much more powerful now)

While the experienced maiden makes a single gesture and a root bursts from the ground and smashes it apart.

takoyaki (Guest):
Super Mario Sunshine Shine Maiden

Kabanzai (Guest):
.. So why are they punished for the golem trampling, when there's no warnings about turning on the golems? =D

Milo (Guest):
The goddess doesn't realize that they just turned on a golem they found without realizing what it would do, and falsely believes that they deliberately made the golem come here in order to beg for lumber.

The interesting thing is that not only our heroes but also Arisa should know that they didn't have a golem with them when they first showed up, and stated reasons for being here completely unrelated to lumber. Yet everyone accepts this turn of events without question.

@Milo: several reasons come to mind
1. They might be punished for pursuing such a discussion.
2. The change might have included a "nothing that happens before maidenhood matters" clause, the sunflower hates them, and the older maiden can be affected by the same clause (maidenhood of another) and might not be willing to keep on pushing it.
3. The goddess probably knows the golems were already there, she is punishing them for the damage the golem caused to some plants in its rampage. Even if they didn't intend for the golem to do so (she clearly saw them try to stop it), unintentional damage is still punishable

Milo (Guest):
The goddess may believe that unintentional damage still deserves punishment, but I don't. Or at least the punishment for unintentional actions should entail, you know, paying a fine or helping replant the sapling or something, not having your mind scrambled.

But I do think the goddess believes they were using the golem intentionally. Remember she accused them of being "greedy". Damaging things through carelessness is not greed.

But yeah, it seems that maidens are incapable of questioning their goddess's judgement, even when given evidence it is wrong, and regardless of their normal personality (Arisa seemed sympathetic to the main characters... and technically still is).

Milo (Guest):
So let's review the suggestions of what might happen:
1. Melody proves immune to the transformation because she's already a maiden of a different goddess.
2. Melody proves immune to the transformation because she's already a goddess or demigoddess.
3. Melody proves immune to the transformation for some other reason. She's just that awesome.
4. Melody isn't transformed because she has physically escaped her cocoon, Houdini-style.
5. Melody gets transformed into a goddess, or otherwise receives more power from the transformation than a maiden is supposed to have.
6. Melody gets transformed into a yeti (huh?) or a golem (huh!?).
7. Melody gets transformed into a maiden, but her personality annoys Tree so much that she kicks her out.
8. Melody gets transformed into a maiden, but the characters are later released by some form of outside interference.
9. Melody gets transformed into a maiden, no frills. The rest of the comic is about the adventures of three new tree maidens.

If Melody is related to some goddess in any capacity, speculation on which goddess has included Hair, Adventure, Magic, Fire, Mountain, and Sausage.

And any of the above could happen in multiple ways.

Or it could be something none of us thought of.

I don't believe unintentional damage deserve that punishment either but me and you are not the tree goddess so what we believe doesn't matter to whether she executes a punishment she believes is deserved.

Also, they WERE being greedy, they were discussing not even visiting the goddess at all (for their safety) and instead just taking the repaired golem and selling it because its worth a ton of money. That their greed unintentionally resulted in damage...

Also, you make light of the death of a sapling. She is the Tree goddess and she seems to view Trees the same way people view, well people. So murdering an infant is a serious offense... or in this case negligent manslaughter caused by greed