Tree 30

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Milo (Guest):
Whatever else is going wrong right now, Moth earns major points for that comeback.

Well, Tea's reaction here is a confirmation that the transformation affects the mind.

Now to see if Melody can be convinced that trees are more awesome than Salami.

...Also, are Tea's eyebrows visible through her hat?

Did a flower just crap a dress (kimono?)

The hat seems to be part of the transformation.
Where did the little maiden's hat go?

Alex (Guest):
The flower spat out Tea's old clothes. Look at the last page, the same thing happened with Moth's clothes.

Milo (Guest):
I suspect Floranne isn't actually a maiden in the normal sense, just a magical creature that was raised by them. Hence, no hat, even if her wardrobe is otherwise similar.

^Maybe it has something to do with her being a demon? Or i remember something along those lines being said about her

Milo (Guest):
Oh right. Her pointed ears confirm she isn't entirely human (Tree 6).

Do note the commentary in Valley of Tea 23: in this setting, "demon" seems to simply be a term for "magical creature", or maybe a certain grouping of magical creatures (but if so a pretty varied one). So, pretty much what I said.

I do wonder whether maidenhood is restricted to humans. Could, say, a yeti be turned into a maiden? And if so, would the yeti turn into a human?

Vincent (Guest):
Destroy the golem? But it's an ancient piece of machinery and the worst it did was stomp a sapling (and wreck a wall, but I doubt the goddess cares about that).

The sapling's probably fine, even. Just straighten it up and pack some earth around it.

Milo (Guest):
I don't think the goddess sees value in ancient machinery. Or modern machinery.

The question is whether Tea and Moth retain enough free will (and interest in their old objectives) to question the goddess's command, even politely.

Why do I have a feeling Melody won't be affected?

Legy (Guest):
I think melody is going to have MASSIVE hat, which is shaped to fit around her hair.

To answer my own question, on page "tree 7" we get the introduction "I am Arisa, A maiden of Tree, I apologize for this Sunflower's harsh welcome".
So the little flower girl is apparently NOT a maiden but a "Demon" known as "Sunflower"

@Alex: Obviously, but the sound and visual effect didn't conjure imagery of "spitting"

Milo (Guest):
"Sunflower" is more a description than a species name here. Calling Floranne a sunflower is roughly like calling the siren a bird (though not quite the same, since Floranne shifts between human and sunflower forms, while the siren simultaneously has both human and bird traits).

There are probably non-animate sunflowers in the world of Winter Melody as well. Probably.

Khend (Guest):
That smug grin makes the maidenification and neural remapping worth it.

Wait WHAT?
I think Moth just became a girl. I'm more than a little confused.

BApps (Guest):
I think Melody is going to be affected too but she still be too inquisitive and carefree and is going to annoy the goddess to the point where she releases them and banishes them.

@Catiris: Yes. moth got gender bent.
S/He is the girl at the top panel who said "now you can't kill us".

Alex (Guest):
@TTAO: I think they were going for the sound of air forcing the clothes upwards. Something similar to the sound of a whale's blowhole.

Okay, seriously, WTF is going on now?

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
This was totally expected. The anticipation building for what happens to Melody is insane!

Sunday can not come quickly enough >.>

alex (Guest):
umm so is moth a guy or girl cause maidens are women .. soo did that flower change his gender ... or was me thinking that moth was a guy all wrong?

Hmm, now that I think about it...

Every piece of magic done around Melody is like, ten-fold as powerful. So when she's turned into an immortal maiden obsessed about plants...

Milo (Guest):
The longshot bet is that Melody becomes so powerful that she promptly becomes the new tree goddess and deposes the old one.

Just a wanderer (Guest):
I can't be the only one who noticed that Moth has boobs in panel 3 right?

So guys become maidens... and aren't bothered by it? Is there not a reversal process???

Rather it's guys can't become maidens and something's gotta give...

Perhaps. The only way to be sure is to wait and see.

Milo (Guest):
I was about to remind the previous poster that Cumin is the comic's author, before I remembered that Uberlentil is the comic's artist.

...Though maybe Uberlentil meant to address that at Catiris? That would make more sense than you two speculating about what might happen in your own comic.

Monkeytoster (Guest):
I think that Melody was already a maiden. Potentialy of the goddess of magic? It would explain her magic amp'ing abilitys and the reason why this probably won't work on her, and why she could read the goddess script. I think it fills the holes in nicely.

Milo (Guest):

14 comics since I've shown up and people are already acknowledging my superior intelligence :D

But no, I don't know what's going to happen. I can see any number of things that MIGHT happen, but I'm not even going to try to guess which is most likely.

Canubirt (Guest):
So, i believe melody will become a maiden... and then when she gets bored... she will quit as her mind cant be tampered with

IF (and that is a big if) melody is already a maiden then I believe she will turn in a maiden of tree with no issues...

No issues other then her previous patron being "notified" of the bond breaking and how.

Darius Drake (Guest):
@ Monkeytoster & MrTTAO: Actually, I think that Melody is a demi-goddess. The daughter of the Goddess "Mountain". It gives her magical strength a logical basis, gives her a reason to not be turned into a maiden, and we never really were informed of her mother's name.

So much speculation... but I suspect we'll have a few answers (and possibly more questions) once Melody is released from her cocoon-plant. At this point, I'll just wait and see.

Eldoran (Guest):
Soon we'll hopefully get the answer to the real question - what will happen with Melody?

There are a few interesting points - like if Melody's elemental amplification effect changes things this time too?

Concerning Melody's heritage:
There are a few slightly suspicious hints in the last few pages - like Tree 24:
Melody: "We probably shouldn't ask her for anything" or "Oh, there was a lot of that (script) where I grew up" and her very thinly veiled attempt to avoid telling where she grew up.
In Tree 28: Melody DOESN'T panic when they are seized.

Another interesting point would be simply how they will react to the golem destruction order (last panel) - they might explain how it sort of did this on its own.

Matcha (Guest):
Is no one worried about that sprout growing out of the goddess-chick's head?

Milo (Guest):
I'm pretty sure that's normal.

Milo (Guest):
You know, I didn't notice this before, but when Tea was enveloped by the cocoon, she was flailing frantically and shouting "AAAAAAAA"... and when she came back out, she was still flailing frantically and shouting "AAAAAAAA", but for entirely different reasons. Nice touch.