Tree 29

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Well, that's enough for this burst of updates. We now return you to your regular Sundayly updates.


Alex (Guest):
If you're confused, back up a page, there were two pages posted tonight.

You'll still be confused, but now you didn't miss anything.

Fox (Guest):
Moth just became a shrine maiden... That's disturbing.

Ooh, watch Melody comes out the same and baffles the goddess!

Alex (Guest):
My first thought on the implications of this is "Tea is going to freak when she sees what happened to her eye candy."

Milo (Guest):
So wait, the concern of being turned into a maiden was SERIOUS? And here I thought that was just silly hyperbole.

Though I question the logic of recruiting as your servants people who (you believe) are antagonistic to your interests.

Moth is surprisingly laid back about this.

Tab (Guest):
Oh, man. I don't like this at all. Freaky.

Feldo (Guest):
Milo, shrine maidens don't have a choice what they are enthusiastic about, see the mail maidens

So would this be a bad end or a okay end?

Vincent (Guest):
Still as greedy as ever, eh, Goddess?

Vincent (Guest):
@Fox: That would be my guess too. I've been guessing she's a demigod rather than a maiden for a while, since she doesn't seem to have any specific duties. I guess exploring could be a duty?

Anyway, I'm guessing maiden recruitment might depend on the deity. I think mail maidens are voluntary? It's not like it'd be hard to recruit people to fill that position.

Also, while I am losing focus a bit here, I wonder if creating maidens affect their deity's abilities in any way - does it take a chunk of their power, do they grow stronger with more maidens? (I doubt it, personally) Do number/quality of worshippers effect deity strength or doesn't it matter at all to them?

... I'm probably overthinking this.

matcha (Guest):
Nooooooooo! Moth was Maidenized! (I think UberLentil just likes to draw women.)
Hey...maybe Tea's dress-wearing brother already went through this process with another goddess and the family is trying to hide it...!

Vincent (Guest):
So the "dotted T" is for the Tree goddess, the post goddess (messenger goddess?) has that "hook with dot" and Melody's home has what looks a bit like an inwards folded U, between pillars in some kind of temple arch style?

Melody doesn't get hot. Her mom's called (nicknamed?) Celery apparently. Thinking about it... Celery giving an impresion of a warm and passionate personality, name similar to latin word for speed, red eyes and hair... Maybe Melody's mom is a fire goddess? Fits with the territory.

@Milo: you are assuming the modifications are only to the body.
The mind is clearly modified as well.

SwiftAusterity (Guest):
It's a fair assumption that Melody is already a Maiden or goddess/demigoddess.

She has freakish physical abilities (speed, strength) we've already seen the post maiden display.
She's absurdly enthusiastic about everything which we've seen the water and post maidens display.
She has some sort of elemental magic amplification (seen way way back in the maze with the water dagger) which we've seen no one else display.

It's possible she'll pop out "normal" and demand her friends be changed back.

It could be she is already a maiden (or the child of a deity and a human).

But there are other plausible solutions or scenarios as well that do not mean the end of the comic.

For example, they appear to have maintained memories and some of their personality (that which did not have to be changed). So helping the goddess get over her mental baggage/issues which cause her to be resentful towards humanity is a plausible goal.

Also, the little angry maiden... is she so little because she used to be a human child before being changed into a maiden? (fridge horror!)

Iced Tea (Guest):
bwump...melody turns into a cute little yeti...bwump

Ralmar (Guest):
Crazy notion: Melody's mom,and all art of goddesses I've seen for the setting, have all had crazy long hair. I suspect that Melody is actually a goddess, and that for some reason the length of their hair corresponds to their power.

i put eaven money that tea comes out ok

and melogy will be fine

i think she is also a maiden (of adventure since this whats intrests her)

@thome523: well, that or a sausage maiden. she's pretty interested in them too ;D