Tree 26

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Milo (Guest):
I can imagine why a sunflower would be resentful towards herbivores.

Shouldn't that be sapthirsty rather than bloodthirsty, though?

And at least Melody has distinctly carnivorous dietary preferences.

On an unrelated note, those golems are pretty strong.

Greycat (Guest):
On a related note, those golems have horrible timing ^^
The maiden was just giving them good references and reviews too...

I love the goddess' cute hair sprouts

Ralmar (Guest):
This really seems to confirm some suspicions of mine about Melody. Makes one wonder... eh, regardless, been following this for a while, and I love the work you're doing. Eagerly awaiting the next comic!

AgentKeen (Guest):
At least they broke the wall inside the archway?

matcha (Guest):
I'm taking Tree seriously...but then all the sudden I imagined the tree she's sitting on disappearing...and she's still in the same position, supported by her long, creepy hair. <shudder>

lol bloodthirsty herbivores