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Surprise! Another update.
What follows is comparable in awesomeness to Salami's egg, so I'll be trying to update every day for a while.


i wonder just where exactly melody grew up...may be she's some kind of priests daughter or something?

Manpersondudeguide (Guest):

Miguel (Guest):
Why am I not surprised Melody likes shrooms? -.-

Quetzalrofl (Guest):
I see no way this could possibly go wrong.

Great, you decide to update every day with something awesome right when I'm about to go out of town and not have computer access for the week. >.<

Anyway! They are clay-powered? Stab Melody in the head and you can activate them all at once!
Also, I wonder if Melody will try eating the shrooms and, if so, what the consequences will be.

Watch it be a attack golem.

Mouth-Breathing Alpaca (Guest):
I Googled "Motive Clay" just for the heck of it and the 2nd result was "Motive for Murder: The Clay Pigeon". So how about "Motive for Action: The Clay Shroom"?

Milo (Guest):
Instant golem, just add water!

Eldoran (Guest):
Apart of all those generic robot/golem rampages...
I would be concerned whether that could anger the goddess. It is one step above aproaching her in the rules list.

Shaco (Guest):
Awesome! Sweet new Comrade + daily update? I missed X-mas, right?