Tree 24

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Raven (Guest):
Nice design on the golems, unique deflection by Melody. Interesting way for the golems to move their hands though, reminds me of those old toy cranes.

Milo (Guest):
Third era, hmm? How many eras have there been?

Refreshing to see an ancient civilization whose robots, while impressive, still seem distinctly primitive, as opposed to having hyper-advanced lost technology lying around.

Also, the second panel reminds me that the bear is still there. Let's hope it doesn't wake while they're standing around talking...

Fox (Guest):
Hate to tell you this Melody, but thing is more suspicous than you.

Suspicious! Who (or what) is Melody, really?
She can read Goddess script, she's got super fighting abilities, has been seen to teleport into locked rooms and she (unintentionally) super-charges magic.
Anything else I missed?

On another note, I love her description of the golems!

Quetzalrofl (Guest):
When did anyone actually SEE Melody teleporting, SolarSystem?

Earl Grey (Guest):
Uh, yea...teleporting?

Koganei (Guest):
I think SolarSystem is talking about when Melody snuck into the storage room back at Tea's cafe.
She didn't teleport. They didn't say anything about the room being locked. She just snuck in when Lime wasn't paying attention.