Tree 23

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Surprise! A Wednesday update!


Milo (Guest):
So apparantly, the goddess grew more fussy about protocol over time as she became increasingly bitter at humans.

sounds about right

next thing you know,
"Sow 30 seeds and 9 saplings for each tree you are granted."

Wow... That's a picky goddess.

1overX (Guest):
"Sow 5 seeds for each tree you ask of her. . . Sow 10 seeds for each tree you ask of her"

So, do I plant 10 or 15 seeds for each tree I ask of her?
I wonder if the maiden who wrote this went to law school.

Avi (Guest):
some of that procedure sounds like the ones you need to know when you want to approach the queen of england.

Earl Grey (Guest):
But my golem goes with me everywhere! Maybe I can say it's my seeing-eye golem...

Articus (Guest):
I think the demon girl wrote this, lol

Eldoran (Guest):
It is quite obvious, that these instructions were created incrementally.
So the newer laws sort of replace the older ones with more restricted ones.

Right now it ist only "no one approach the goddess except the high priestess".

If you read very carefully and take the previous pages into account, you can piece together part of the coming plot. That's why I wont elaborate what can be figured out.

You will find Tree in the castle of Aaaaargh.

Sounds to me like the priestesses of old were a bit too demanding of the goddess, to the point that she shut everyone out and people forgot about the whole thing.
Let's activate all the golems!

Eldoran beat me to it.
There are 5 incremental rules of protocol that started out pretty mellow and got pretty bad.

It's not that unusual. A lot of religions tend to get more restrictive as time passes and the clergy try to accumulate power by limiting who can interpret the deity's wishes, make doctrine, become an intermediary, etc. Pretty soon it gets narrowed down to a privileged few, and they start trying to interfere in non-church affairs in order to hang on to that power by making themselves seem more important to the conduct of everyday affairs than they actually are. (i.e The Vatican and pretty much any Right-wing Evangelical pastor.)

Umm no reynard61 that's not what the Vatican is, before making large base generalizations that might offend try studying a book on the subject. I myself am a medieval history enthusiast and therefore study the church quite a bit, despite not being religious myself. So even though I'm sure you were just trying to give a good example be a little more open minded and just enjoy the wonderful story ok?

Half expected something at the end like "buy one sapling, get another 50% off!"
Dunno why, I just did.