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We had to change the mural to a door due to plot stuff. The previous page has been updated too.


+1 reason why Melody is awesome. That's, what, 30 now?

It's not surprising,it's a tradition for the more dim-witted to be the smartest.


This has been a WTF moment.

As unexpected as that is, I find it hard to be surprised at any of Melody's abilities.

Yeah... this wasn't a suprising development in any way.

Nachturia (Guest):
I kinda knew she could read it. But the faces in the last panel are hilarious xD

We have such a jaded fanbase :p

Jasae Bushae (Guest):
At this point i wouldnt really be surprised if she turned out to be a maiden or even a goddess XD

Book Dumb.

Steve (Guest):
Yeah, Melody rules again ...
i love that crazy girl !

Milo (Guest):
I think Melody is just smart enough to know it's unhealthy to take things too seriously all the time :)

Melody may seem absentminded or random because she has different priorities from most people, however her behavior is still intelligent and rational once you take her priorities into account. Her priority, as Moth spelled out: curiosity. The thirst for knowledge, both profound and trivial. Which is a trait that's usually found in smart people.

And yes, curiosity sometimes leads to hazards, like when the answer to "what does this button do?" turns out to be "trigger a deathtrap", but that doesn't make pressing the button stupid. For someone sufficiently committed to curiosity, it's a calculated risk. And as agile as Melody is, she's entirely rational in believing herself to be capable of dodging most consequences of her actions, and thus considering the risk acceptable.

It's no coincidence that so far, the most effective way to get Melody to sit still for an extended period and stop randomly poking things to see what they do has proven to be giving her a book to read.

I kinda miss the pictograms from last page, though, especially after Eldoran's clever deciphering.

Oh, and by the way, it's spelled "sapling".

Vincent (Guest):
So coffee bean and sapling are similar-looking signs in this script?

I'll go out on a limb and guess interpretation isn't as context-based as some of our modern symbolic languages (e g Japanese). Wonder if its symbols could be used for sounds rather than what they portray (e g a tree meaning either tree or the sound for tree)?

@.:AuraX:.: ...are we really going to flood this place?

earl grey (Guest):
I just wanna see the mecha army battle Mecha Moth and Dragon Melody.

Eldoran (Guest):
pegasiger guesses right. (melody can read the script)

woot! called it (amazed i guessed right) lol

Don't forget sausage. Sausage is a top priority!