Tree 21

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No actual giant duck was involved, unfortunately.
Edit: The plot changed a bit and I switched the mural to a door.


These are not the droids you're looking for. The image is the same. You can go about your business. Move along.

uhm... congrats on the meet-up? hahaha~

btw, those robotthings look like wind-up toys with feet like that. aah, memories :3

Fox (Guest):
COFFEE!!!!!!!! MINE!!

mmmmmm. Anyone want some help yourselves made a big pot.

Eldoran (Guest):
Looking at the pictograms in panel 3 it seems as if first few people wanted (wood?), when the goddess gave them that, more came and got more, finally they took even more with those automatons. That would explain the current situation.

The translation of the text doesn't make any sense to me yet.

Maybe it will tell them how to activate the bots!

i'm getting the distinctive feeling melody's going to be able to read the script may be...

Not suprised she knows coffee related words.

I bet it reads like a facebook post, only made by a goddess.

Milo (Guest):
Silly inscription. We're after tea, not coffee!

Apparantly all goddesses use the same language?

Tea, Earl Grey (Guest):
So, to charge up the mecha-guys, you plug them in to that BIG outlet in the middle of the third panel!

@Tea, Earl Grey: Oh god that is hilarious!
I can't unsee this now.

Canubirt (Guest):
I get the distinct feeling melody is the daughter of a goddess

tisane (Guest):
That would make Melody's mom the Goddess of Braided Hair...

craiig (Guest):
So if melody is a goddesses daughter and she is winter melody then could there be other melodies for the other seasons..

Scary thought that