Tree 20

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...huh. I just now noticed that after I shaded Floranne's hair in panel 2, her eyes stopped looking RAWR! whited out, and instead look dopey crosseyed like a goomba.
Art is weird sometimes... >.>;


DudePersonManGuy (Guest):
Uber, Your Goombas are the best.

Milo (Guest):
1. Aww, carry the homicidal demon kid, how cute :)

2. So Floranne can still talk in sunflower form. I was kinda assuming she couldn't, since she seemed to shift to human form every time she wanted to say something before, even though she prefers her sunflower form for most other purposes.

3. Tree maidens can walk through trees (and presumably teleport from one tree to another, since that's how that power usually works in stories, although it isn't clear from the panels). I guess that makes sense.

Oolong (Guest):
Bring on the MECHAS!