Tree 19

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I wish my soul was in the shape of a sausage

Milo (Guest):
Nope, no traps, just killer robots.

Killer robots aren't classified as traps in my book. Just as sentinels.

I don't recall seeing much advanced technology in this world. Origin of robot army would be interesting to learn. (I won't list the dozen or so theories that come to mind as I write this)
It looks like they've been there a LONG time though. Even have mushrooms growing on them!

Mike (Guest):
I would assume the 'robots' are from an ancient civilization that drove itself or was driven into oblivion. Kinda like Atlantis or the High Elves of Warcraft.

Snowstreak (Guest):
They actually look like some sort of experiment or growing chambers

Earl Grey (Guest):
Steam Power Mecha!

Tab (Guest):
Those robots don't look like they're in condition to kill anyone. A couple of them have mushrooms growing on them.

Are we ever going to learn the impetus behind the sunflower girl's homicidal tendencies?

Roosterhead (Guest):
It looks like one of the machines has a saw blade hand. Could these be some sort of lumberjack machines that once cut the forest?