Tree 18

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Oops, forgot to set it for midnight... Just have it early I guess.


nuuuuuu, don't die, smokey D:

Milo (Guest):
So, we've seen Moth use his dagger for water, fire, and rock. Are the four classical elements in use here?

Not sure what the KRACK in the last panel is about, guess I'll see next update.

i kinda feel bad for le bear

Bear wil sleep now. Also... the floor opening up like that is NOT a good sign.

D'aw (Guest):
Somebody get that bear a medic, stat.

Wolf (Guest):
Boy, is Little Miss Flower Girl gonna be mad.

Mike (Guest):
I finally figured out what Melody was doing to the bear. She was killing him by cutting off his airways (Biting the nose shut and holding the mouth shut with her arms), much like lions do to their prey.

Also, I noticed you guys are on now. I forget if they have a vote button or not, but it's worth a shot, I suppose.

Gemstone (Guest):
I saw a lazy egg hit the stone while the rest hit the bear. The bear fell becuase of the barrage but i thought lazy eggs only effect living creatures and not a rock...

Rock is most important character on this page, clearly.

In our original version Rock shot first; it started off its entire moral journey. But at least we have the CGI 'Phoot' effects.

Eldoran (Guest):
Did the floor get asleep (one egg hit the rock - similar to the thorny fruit) or did it simply collapse because the bear fell on the ground?
Anyway it looks as if the bear will get buried below the stone and thus incapacitated even after it wakes up again.