Tree 16

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Go back and punch that bear in the nose.

Botanist (Guest):
No it's Not Fair "For Bear"
Melody punches the bear one hit KO it's all over!

Seansie (Guest):
OK, every animal so far has been different from what we know. So what is this bear really? In a world where you milk Bees, I want to know the catch behind the bear. Maybe they are normally quite docile and shepherded like sheep for their fur? But have some innate fear of heights which make them go berserk?

Bears are never fair.

@Seansie Could be there are normal animals too. Also, just about anything I can think of would go berserk in some way or other after being woken up by being dropped from a height.

Of course Melody tries to eat the spike fruit. It just can't compare to sausage though.
Now that she's got the bear's attention on her, let's see how she manages to escape it.

Iced Tea (Guest):
Just a little lower and the star-fruit-thingy would've been lodged in the bear's mouth! Oh well...RUN!!!

Wolf (Guest):
Why am I not suprised Melody put the spikey thing in her mouth? Oh, and BEAR!!

Melcarte (Guest):
Heh, months not reading and first thing I saw was a sunflower carring a bear and laughing after. Context is very important indeed.