Tree 15

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Spinning things are trickier to draw than I thought.


What the? (first!)

oh dear god that is awesome

Botanist (Guest):
I Think that will be Deadly enough for them. also Helicopter Sun Flower Nice!!


All I hear when I see that bear.

just drop more dangerous things in there!! hahaha

Sunflower Copter.
Range: 15 miles
Effective altitude: 1000 feet
Armaments: A Bear, a bad temper.

I am A (Guest):
I know its a big scary bear but its street cred is pretty bad from the get go if a little girl sunflower beats it up first

general-Insano (Guest):
I see that the challenges may soon be unbearable

No Potatoes (Guest):
Classic Winter-Melody.
Floranne is assuming the bear is conscious when Tea, Moth, and Melody find it!

I think my reactions are rather similar to Arisa's.
Let's see how Melody manages to thwart Floranne's bear trap.

platitudes o' plenty (Guest):
Just picturing all the sunflowers in my neighbor's field lifting off for parts unknown. Yowza.

Somebody's cheating...

Quetzalrofl (Guest):
Talk about flower power.

Tab (Guest):
Okay, maybe she is as deadly as she think she is.

Khend (Guest):
...if my state of breathing is any indication, I think we just saw the first plant-based roflcopter.

Also, dropping bears on people is more effective when they're awake. And angry. Angry helps too.

If you look at those last two panels out of context it makes them even funnier.