Tree 14

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No new progress on the color pages this week. #1-5 are done, which takes up three pages since they're 4koma.

Unrelatedly, I discovered grape-nuts are super absorbent.


Author Jakes:
grape-nuts, aborbent? How?

Fox (Guest):
Ah, spike-seed fell asleep and the needles went limp, couldn't tell last page. I honestly thought the limp needles were part of Melody's hair.

1overX (Guest):
^same, but that's likely due to it being a sketch. (I say before it's inked and colored so we don't sound like idiots)

Iced Tea (Guest):
So the spike-thing is alive! And sunflower-girl is getting mad...look out Melody.

Tab (Guest):
Floranne, face it, you are a sunflower. You are not as deadly as you like to think you are.

I think she is getting mad because they are trash talking the quality of her trap not because she thinks they are hurting the spiked thingie.

Miss All Sunday (Guest):

@Miss All Sunday: I was explaining it to Iced Tea